Time! : An Ever Wonder

Time! : An Ever Wonder

Ever wonder why,, it is said that God Is the ancient of days? He is Time..never grows old. Ever wonder why,, the Bible says that God will restore all your lost years,?. Because a man’s worth is measured in Time. Ever wonder why the book of Ecclesiastes 3 speak of Time so much? Ever wonder why our lives are measured in Time,seconds,minutes,hours,days,weeks,months,years?

Ever wonder why a man’s life is measured in the years he has lived and the corresponding achievements? Ever wonder why, after a while wounds heal,, emotionally, physically etc? See a dying man who has seconds,probably minutes to live cherish Time,, in this seemingly short Time he sets his life straight,he travels down his Time Line and SEEs the things that truly matter.

This is because Time is the most PRECIOUS thing in life,, not even love,,, know why? Cause in time we learn to love, in Time we learn to let go, in time everything is made perfect and of course in Time We SEE man’s true nature,. Know your Time zone, work with it,,, trick time but never let yourself be a slave to time,,( Never let procrastination become a part of you) ..Tick ,tock,,slowly and steadily it moves,, giving you the illusion that it’s not even moving.

Fool around with time, chasing shadows, chasing glam,chasing the wind, and find yourself EMPTY..I tell you,, TIME is LIFE,,, value your Time,, value Your LIfe.

Written and Composed by BlackRose

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