The torns a rose also gives

love is a woman

When you love genuinely it is always hard to let go….you can keep pretending to the whole world that you’re fine, deep down you know you’re not….you just keep hanging on, and praying that everything goes back to the way it was, and then you realize your ego is working hard..

You look at each other from afar and wonder what happened,what went wrong… You remember all the lovely moments you had, you remember how he/she was the first person you’d call when you’re down in thoughts,then it gets hard to live without them, everyday you wait for reconciliation,but the love fades with every passing day,with all the activities,you get to meet new people,and then you begin to forget the things you held close to your heart
At that point you have given up, and then you start living again……….

Don’t let your love go when you’re still praying for better days with them, try to make it work,no matter the fights, every relationship has its fights and makeup,nobody is perfect… Just put in your best……..

Written and composed by Lyn

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