The Strength of a Woman

The End

No woman loves to cheat or disrespect her core values quick but I get that life’s cheated on you once or maybe a few more times.

Still wishing my grand mum could read this letter but she’s dead and gone but am sure her soul is still jealous about the other wife’s to my grand dad, she was the first wife but her love was shared into 3 more women, in sickness she died but her heart yearned for love.

Fast forward to her Grand son who wishes she was still here to see him get married at a young age and have all his kids from one woman but in today’s women have become, uhmmmm, 69 days of ups and down in a new place I hope would be home for us when the hall of fame opens for me to walk in, less attention, conversations & no common memories tearing us apart & the most common statement (Things fall apart) rings loudly in my head but am sure one day we would come back to those days.

I hope life is beautiful with you, this I pray but in the silent moments of my prayers where I sat still, my mind raced into the extreme poor days where I couldn’t get my self a bathing soap but you was there to wash my tears, after the tears gone, I could not still smile through chats because they was no subscription money but you choose to give me happiness, this day I swear to never forget.

Driving my dad old fashioned but gifted OPEL VECTRA 2.0 car which was a lot to me, we took a stop at my favorite mechanic shop to fix a little cost, after that, they noticed my radiator was gone, fan belt almost all chopped off, standing there with a bug smile in face but tears gushing in my heart.

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I was damn too deep confused because all I know you had was your school fees which I knew was more than 60 days to raise, you looked deeply at me for hours and finally gave it out to save a man’s pride or was it my studio sessions you even had to lower self esteem, lies on lies to help me book.

This note won’t stop today but in all I want all women out to know is that, my Grand mum understands all you have to go through to keep a man or Family. She loves you dearly & so I am on my knees thankful to all the strong women out there buildings their man’s up for family & more.

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