The Massacre

love is a woman

Another death
Another life gone
Because of a gun
An AK47 gleaming
Bodies lay lifeless
The bellies of vultures are full,
They are tired of eating dead bodies

Men and women all born to a creed
No creed is an advocate for evil deeds
But the savagery of the fulani kind,
Has more to do with an evil mind
That does not think nor analyze

They are blinded by violence and hatred,
But it is caused
By biochemical inbalance of the brain
And a body bereft of a conscience
That is what makes them to take an AK47
And wreck havoc on defenseless innocence

This killings are satanic acts born of frustrated cowardice
That seeks violence as heavenly relief
Those that make the earth a living hell for others,
I wonder which God and what paradise awaits them

Benue let your silence grow with noise
As a pregnant woman grows with child
Let your silence rise from unwatered graves and craters left by herdsmen
Let your silence rise from empty bellies
And surge from broken hearts
Let the voice of the hanged and massacred
Be as loud as the thunder,
Untill it can give voices to the oppressed.



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