The lost letter

The Love letter

The church politicking with the government for campaign views/
But cant we take up a fast and pray/

I haven’t taken off my fast in pray for the lost sheep’s/
Am stucked in my sackclothes for the lost fellowship/
But mother Theresa falling in lost for the reverend fathers Gay clothings/

*Who’s the lost sheep?? Am I the lost fellowship*
Am still troubled by the fears for my aborted kid/
Like Boy knocking on heavens door/
Lord please give me the keys

So I could speak/plead/apologies to my aborted Kid/
For these are the stories i beg to forget/
The story I beg to flee/

I cast the stone of lost memories against myself/
I pray I die like Stephen/

Am trapped in my weary days but am llistening to Kirk Franklin/
The storm is over so I could hear you clearly/
So i won’t move back and forth like R.Kelly/

I pray when you see me you don’t let loose of me like a step cousin
The saints are marching in but I marched in a day Early
        *The lost  letter*

Written and Composed by Edache Daniels



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