The Four Of Us: Part 5

The Four Of Us : part 6

You always know–always–that moment when you are fucked up. No one needs to tell you, its almost like a switch flicks on in your brain, shinning bright lights on it. Well ladies and Gents, that moment was looking at me right in the eye, in the person of Chima.

“So what’s it going to be?” He asked, brushing his lips against my skin.

I said nothing, the wheels in my head turning at full speed thinking of a way to get me out of this mess, a mess I never knew I would find myself in.

“He’s a picky fucker, he would take his time observing, as though trying to decide if you are worthy of his dick, so you won’t have to worry about fucking him tonight.” Kosi seethed, looking sternly at me just before I got into the Uber, “Just worry about getting that number.”

The thing I learnt at that moment about making plans was that things NEVER went according to plans.

When i didn’t answer, Chima finally dragged his lips away from my neck and look at me suspiciously, so I did the only thing a girl who didn’t know what answer to give in my situation would do: I flashed him the most brilliant smile my 32 teeths could muster.

“Is that a yes?” He asked in a deep voice, poking a hard dick into my ass.

I wiggled out of his hold, the smile still plastered on my face.

” I need to tell my roommate that I… that I won’t be coming home tonight.” I stuttered.

This got a broad smile from him, I don’t know if it was ’cause I was stuttering or because my words gave him an assurance that I was definitely going home with him.

I tapped on my WhatsApp icon and opened the group chat we had created basically for Chima and saw immediately that the girls were online–as expected; they all had to be online in case of an emergency.

“Remember we are just a click away, but don’t chat us up except it’s very important. I won’t want you chatting and then miss your window to get Chima” Kosi said in that voice she used when she was trying to scare us. It always worked.

Me: There is BIG TROUBLE!

Kosi: What happened?

Lizzy: He’s not interested?

Chioma: I said it! This plan was not going to work.

Kosi: Will you guys stop typing and let her talk.

Me: He wants to take me to his place.

Chioma: What?

Lizzy: Its a lie!

Kosi: This can’t be happening?

Me: What should I do? I need an answer and I need it fast.

My fingers were typing as fast as they could, my heart racing, my palm sweaty and yet no one was replying.

I figured immediately that they must have been talking amongst themselves, hence the silence on the group, but there was no time for me to be understanding.

Me: Guys I need an answer. NOW!

Kosi: See give me a minute to wrap my head around this.

Lizzy: Honestly no one expected this, so you have to understand why we are tongue tied.

Chioma: Are you sure he said he wants to take you to HIS place? Maybe you misheard him

I would have been laughing at Chioma’s comment, but Chima’s fingers that suddenly rounded my waist reminded me why it wasn’t funny.

“Any problem?” He asked from the back. I dropped my hands to my side, hiding my phone screen from his view.

“Not at all, you know girls and Amebo…she is just asking few questions to make sure I’m in good hands.”

“Aiit.” He placed a peck on my cheeks and broke his hold on me. “I’ll go bring the car over.” He walked away towards the back of the club.

Me: Guys its now or never.

Kosi: Amara I know I’m asking for more than you had bargained for but you need to fuck him.

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Lizzy: Its either that or the whole plan comes to an end.

Kosi: And not just anyhow fuck, You need to fuck the sense out of him; let him crave for that pussy that he would have no other option but to call you over again.

Ladies and Gents, I’m not the superstitious type, but I could have sworn that my village people were using my situation to play a bet of a sort: “who could get amara mad first?”, I mean, that was the only logical reason why a bad situation could get as worse as it did. I was already stressed out from thinking of getting fucked and having a sex take made…now I had to fuck him so good that would ensure another fuck-date. Yeah, definitely village people!

Chioma: We need to make him Amara, remember that.

Kosi: can you do it?

It was just four little words, but I could feel the desperation and plea in it. I took a slow deep breath as I type three letters that sealed my fate.

Me: Yes.

Kosi: Thank you, I know this is a lot but I really appreciate this.

The thought of fucking Chima was already scary enough, now I had to fuck the sense out of him…I didn’t know if I should remind amara that the last time I fucked was in 100level.

Initially, I wasn’t worried about fucking him , since it was meant to be a one time thing, it wasn’t suppose to matter if I could fuck or not, I just had to make sure we ‘got’ to the fucking.

Me: And my identity? He wasn’t suppose to see me in daylight, if I sleep over won’t that defeat the whole being discrete?

In order to ensure that I won’t be tracked down by Chima after the whole ordeal, the makeup and darkness were supposed to be my cover to my real identity.

Kosi: Fuck! That’s true.

Chioma: Give us a second.

Chima’s head light flashed in a distance as it cornered towards me.

Me: I need an answer NOW! I don’t think I would have a chance to chat up later.

Kosi: Don’t worry, no matter what time you need to get back, we will pick you up.

Me: How?

Lizzy: Femi.

I breathed out a long breath of relief as I relaxed in Chima’s Car, cool blues blaring from the radio. If it had been any other person I would have had doubts, but Femi had had a crush on Lizzy since God knows when. If not for her one-boyfriend-only policy, I’m sure she would have been all over him. All it would take was for Lizzy to ask and he would be in Chima’s Lodge no question asked.

Me: okay. Till we see guys.

Lizzy: We will be waiting.

Chioma: Be safe.

Kosi: Good luck bae.


Chima’s place was exactly how I thought it would be:expensive. He had a large king sized bed placed at the far end of the room, thick maroon- coloured curtains, a Fridge and an Ac…which student has a fucking Ac in their room–Chima, that’s who!

“Nice place.” I said.

“Thanks.” He responded, holding me from the back as soon as he locked his doors. “Want to have a drink or something?”

“Or something.” I said nervously, my hands clenched, legs trembling slightly, scared of what was to come next.

A little smile danced on his lips, “Just what I was thinking.”

His hands moved under my top and cupped my breasts, squeezing my nipples hard between his thumb and forefinger, while his lips trailed soft kisses down my neck.

I let out quiet moans as my fingers found their way back to the bulge poking hard into my ass. I tried to give as good a hand job as one would give a dick trapped in a trouser, my fingers wrapped around it, sliding up and down with as much expertise as I could recall from my books and porn.

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His right hand left my breast, slowly tracing a path to my sex, dragging my skirt along with him as they dropped to my feet.

I was dripping wet before he placed his thumb on my clit and massaged it, before he inserted a finger in my vagina, then two, then three.

I quivered from his fingers that were plunged furiously deep into my pussy, wiggling them like he was in search of a winning lottery ticket; I was jerking from his thumb that vigorously massaged my clits, sending an electric shock to every nerve in my body.

My first orgasm got me slumped on the floor; my legs unable to carry me. I looked up and found a smile dancing on Chima’s lips, his fingers glistening with my juice. I wasn’t suppose to enjoy fucking Chima as much as I did…it was not part of the plan, but at that point I was well educated of the fuckery of plans in general.

“Your turn.” I said when i got control of my limbs again. It was the moment of truth, if I could actually pull off the act: the crazy-daring-wild Amara, and it sent a shiver through my spine.

If I messed this up, there would be no call back; i would just be another name on Chima’s fuck list.

I knelt Infront of him, my hand quavering as I got hold of his zipper and dragged it down, revealing a hard bulge that was held hostage by his boxers.

Chima was true to his words, his dick was the biggest I’d had ever seen: It was long with a thick shaft, veins prominent and pulsing on its sides.

“Wow.” I blurted out as my fingers traced the full length of it.

This got a chuckle from him.

“You like?” He asked.

Of course I liked, but I couldn’t just blurt that out…remember, the goal was to get a call back, so crazy-daring-wild Amara had to be on her A-game.

“Definitely…” I purred, “…but its not how big, you know, its how well it fucks.” I knew every word I said was a risk, Chima was a puzzle of his own, I couldn’t really tell what turned him on or not. I mean, If Kosi (with the enormous boobs and curves) didn’t know…how was I too?

He said nothing for a while, looked at me with an incredulous look on his face, then bursts out laughing.

“You are indeed a troublemaker.” He said, a smile still on his lips.

I released a breath I wasn’t even aware I was holding.

“Don’t worry …I’ll show you.” He said, brushing my face with his fingertips

“Sure, but only after I’ve sucked you till you come In my mouth.” I said with a confidence that wasn’t faked or borrowed;it was all mine–surprsingly, and at that moment i realized that I wanted the guy towering above me to feel what he made me feel. No pretence. No acting.

I flicked my tongue slowly on the tip, savouring the taste of precum that dripped off, while my right hand grabbed hold of the shaft, giving it a slow stroke. I took the whole of him in my mouth (well, the part of the whole that agreed to enter), looking up to register every reaction as I sucked harder and stroked faster.

His eyes were closed shut. One of his hands was placed on my head, pulling it gently to his pelvic; the other hand on his waist.

He came with a loud grunt, releasing every drop in my mouth. No one had ever released in my mouth, so the taste of it was all new to me; I closed my eyes shut as the slimy liquid moved down my throat.

Chima bent low and kissed me, the taste of his semen still evident as out tongues lashed against each other.

“You suck good.” He said breathlessly. This got a smile plastered on my lips, a smile that lingered as he lifted me to the bed, his lips on my nipples, sucking them greedily. Biting them lightly, his teeth just grazing the edges.

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Loud moans escaped my lips, the sound echoing in my ears with the bedsheet scrunched in my fingers.

Before then I had no idea what my preference was, what ticked me, what excited me and got my pussy purring, that I hadn’t really fucked much and my then boyfriend was only concerned about his own pleasure might have been the reason, but there and then,Chima made me realize I was definitely a nipple person–when its been sucked, or squeezed or bitten.

“Please don’t stop!” I heard myself saying, my left hands placed on his head, stroking it slowly while the right traced the line of his spine. But he did stop, using his tongue, instead, to leave a wet trail to my cat.

Ladies, if you meet a man that doesn’t go down on you, that doesn’t suck your clits till your toes curl, till your eyes roll inside and your whole body vibrates; that doesn’t tongue-fuck the sense out of you–the way Chima did–then pack your beautiful ass and leave. And Gents, don’t be that man.

I came right in Chima’s mouth and he licked it all off, smiling sheepishly as he took a condom and rolled it on his throbbing cock.

My eyes were shut tightly as his hands spread my thigh wide open, placing himself in between, his hands gripping my waist and easing into me.

“Fuck! You are tight!” He said, his strokes which started slow increasing in tempo.

See I tried–i really did–to close my mind to the pleasure each thrust pounded into me, resisting the tingly sensation that started from my sex and spread to every inch of me. I tried. But no matter how much I bit my lips to muffle my moans;dug my nails in his back to steady my quivering limbs or shut my eyes tightly to avoid capturing each moment into my memory, the truth remained that I enjoyed every second of it.

But could you blame me…I’d not had a dick for over a year, and then I get one that was…was just mind blowing. So no, you can’t blame me.

He slumped on his back, breathing hard. His whole body covered with sweat regardless of the Ac.

“So now…do you know… How well ‘it’ fucks” he said in between breaths.

“Absolutely.” I said breathlessly, a smile tugging at the edge of my lips, “But I have to go.” I added, reaching out for my phone on glass table to chat up the girls.

He looked at me like if I was speaking a new language known to only me.

“You are joking right? Its like three in the morning!”

I dropped my phone after Lizzy assured me Femi would be there to pick me up soon, picked his and typed the new number I had gotten just a day back.

“I would love to stay, but if my cousin finds out I slept out, she would call my parents.” He didn’t say anything, just kept looking at me–his expression hard to read. “Call me when you bed gets cold again.” I picked up my clothes and wore them.

“Well if you won’t stay, then let me drop you”

This set the alarm bells ringing in my head, why hadn’t I thought he would offer?

“I already texted a friend so don’t worry.” I blurted out to hastily. His right brow shot upwards. I took breath calming my nerves as I added, ” It would be better this way, so you won’t have to drive back alone.”


FEMI was looking at me with the side of his eyes. it was the “I know what you did last night” look, but I simply ignored him.

He would open his mouth slightly, his jaw dropping and just as if it never happened, he would shut it close.

I was well aware he wanted to ask a stream of questions, his curiosity was probably eating him up, but he knew well to cause trouble. He wouldn’t want to be on Lizzy’s bad side after all.

So he simply drove, his hands on the steering wheel, not a word leaving his lips.

I wanted to close my eyes and sleep, letting myself lean into the seat, but there was too much running in my head to do so. Chima’s last kiss before I walked to Femi’s car still on my lips, the smell of his Cologne still on my skin.

I stared out the car, at the buildings that raced passed us, their dark Windows giving no hint of life.

I had done my part, now all we had to do was wait for his call.



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