The Four Of Us: Part 7

The Four Of Us : part 7

If I had a time machine there are soooo many things I would love to change in my life: The time I turned down a threesome with Bisi and Dora; that evening when I let Joshua fuck me Infront of his brother (what the hell was I thinking); Kosi going to Chima’s place…me picking up Chima’s call.

“Hey you…” I said with as much confidence as crazy-daring-wild Amara was meant to have, walking towards the auditorium which looked empty, “Don’t tell me your bed is cold already.”

He chuckled, his voice bouncing from his end in soft notes.

I looked around to make sure there was no eavesdropper…and more importantly that Chima Himself wasn’t one of them.

Call me paranoid, but it wasn’t an impossibility. Chima could have been ‘casually’ walking around my department for God-knows-what reason, at precisely the same time that I was outside picking his call.

“My bed got cold as soon as you left.” He teased.

“Then you should have called immediately.” And maybe saved me and the girls the stress and heart ache of waiting for your call you asshole, I wanted to add, but instead I bit my lower lips to stop myself.

“I did. I tried calling your number as soon as you left and then it dawned on me that I had no idea what you saved your name as. Like how the hell did I let you leave without getting your name?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. It wasn’t really a consolation, but immediately I felt better knowing that me and the girls weren’t the only ones worried, he also had some kind of stressing of his own.

Yes it wasn’t planned, but in my haste I hadn’t even bothered to tell him my alias, I just typed in ‘Rose’ and saved it on his phone.

“Well you never told me your name either–”

“Chima.” He interrupted, ” My name is Chima and if you’d simply asked I would have told you.”

“I would have asked, but then if I remember correctly, my mouth was a little occupied with something hard.”

His laughter filled my ear.

“Aswear you are just crazy. You need to be spanked.”

“Seconded!” I blurted out without even thinking. I guess for a moment I forgot who I was talking with. In a way, just hearing his voice, Chima could have been anyone: a stranger, a chyker or even Shedrack.

“So when should I expect you?” He asked.

I took a deep breath as I ransacked my brain for a way to get the plan back on track.

“Ever fucked in a hotel?” I asked.

“Who hasn’t?” He replied flatly, as if I asked him if he’d ever drank water before.

“Then you know how awesome it is to fuck in one right?” I asked with so much confidence that I almost convinced myself that I’d actually fucked in one– I hadn’t.

It was quiet from his end of the call. But I could almost see him, his head shaking slowly from side to side, as a smile spread across his lips. Or maybe he’s just looking at his phone with a scowl on his face, wondering why I was asking so many stupid questions.

You never can tell when it came to Chima.

“Hello?” I said cautiously. My voice barely audible.

“Where have you been all my life?” His voice was low and soothing. It’s one of those statements that got my heart racing with excitement and anger.

Excitement because in a weird way, It seemed honestly genuine. Seven little words strung together and Chima was looking like a totally different human. One that couldn’t have hurt Kosi; one that might have been greatly misunderstood.

Ladies and Gents, words are powerful. I guess I’d know this fact for a long time, but Chima reinforced this belief for me. He reminded me just how powerful words could be. How letters accurately structured, how words properly arranged and sentences well spoken –could change ones perspective.

But at the same time, I was angry at myself. Angry cause I felt really stupid for ever feeling excited in the first place, for forgetting what he had done. I mean, what sort of person would put Kosi (or any girl for that matter) through the hell she was going through?

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What sort of person fucks a girl then goes around telling the whole world about it?

“Don’t get carried away by his words.” I chanted into my subconsciousness. I was dealing with a casanova after all, I should have been expecting this. He would only say the words I wanted to hear as long as he got what he wanted.

“Which hotel did you have in mind?” He asked, bringing me back to reality.

“Um…well, anyone would do.” I replied

“Okay, I’ll get us a reservation then”

“No.” I said too hastily, ” I mean, I want to surprise you.”

“Oh.” There was a hint of something in his voice–like worry or maybe it was suspicion. I wish it was the later, I wish he had been suspicious and called the whole thing off.

“Spoiler alert! I’m going to ride…the hell…out of you.” I moaned softly into the phone as I tried to get back his full attention.

“I can’t wait.” He teased, his voice bubbling with excitement.

“I’ll send you an address when I get there.”

How do you even make a sex tape? Is that something one should browse and research about? I think we should have done that cause we had absolutely no idea what we were doing.

Kosi and Chioma were both squatted in the tiny wardrobe while Lizzy tried to make a room for herself.

I wanted to enjoy the show, giggling as three massive ass competed against one another for the a space to occupy, but trust me there was nothing funny about having your girlfriends arranging themselves to watch you getting fucked, so I just stared at them.

The wardrobe was directly opposite the Queen-sized bed, which was good for the sake of the plan, but bad for my heart which wanted to burst out of my chest

“Guys I don’t think this would work!” Lizzy finally said as she came down from the wardrobe, slumping on the bed.

“Yeah, I thought the same thing” Kosi mumbled.

“So what are we going to do then?” I asked, My gaze shifting from Kosi to Chioma, to Lizzy and then back to Kosi.

I know I sound silly, but honestly, at that point I wanted Kosi to just call the whole thing off because of the wardrobe;I wanted her to go like: “Well, since the wardrobe is to small to fit us all in, let’s just go home and sleep.” And then Chioma and Lizzy will nod in unison and then we all go home. The end.

That didn’t happen.

My gazed moved back to Chioma only to find her her eyes on me, staring intensely–and they stayed there for minutes.

“Why are you looking at me?” I asked, my voice trembling, when I couldn’t take it anymore. It was as if she could read my thoughts.

Ladies and Gents this is what I got to realize. When you do something bad, you start feeling guilty for every other thing…even the ones you have no clue about.

“What do you think we should do Amara?” Chioma finally spoke up, “If we can’t make the video then everything you’ve have done up to this moment would have been for nothing!”

I breathed out a breath of relief. I was about to answer her when Lizzy cut in

“No one said we won’t make the video, we just need to think how best to do this.” Lizzy replied, calmly. Chioma nodded in agreement.

Of all things to bring those two girls together, it was a freaking sex tape. Right from when I told them about Chima’s call, Lizzy and Chioma haven’t said one bad word to each other: no bickering, no insults, no eye rolling–nothing.

I think they finally understood the seriousness of the situation, I guess we all did at that moment. Each person quiet and calm–but scared. Our trembling digits and quivering voices gave us away, but Kosi still tried to put on a brave face. I guess someone bad to be brave…or at least pretend to be.


I tapped on my phone screen and when its bright light came on, my eyes went straight to the time–it was 7:43pm.

“Guys its getting late. We need to fix this now.” I stated.

“Fuck! I didn’t think hiding in a wardrobe would be so difficult.” Kosi grunted.

We stayed quiet after that, just staring at our faces, at the ceiling, the curtains, the dreaded bed (that was to be the stage of my fuck sesh as my girlfriends watched) and at any other thing as we tried to think of a solution.

Well, maybe they were thinking of a solution, but God knows the only thing on my mind was my debut into the porn industry.

It was the same feeling I had when I was at my Jamb center waiting for the question papers to arrive. I was trying hard to revise (for the last time) all the big words, equations and definitions I’d been cramming over the week, but instead, the fear of the unknown was choking the breath out of me.

“I think I have an idea.” Lizzy finally spoke up, interrupting my thoughts.

“What is it?” Kosi inquired.

“As we have already found out, three people cramped up in that tiny wardrobe isn’t comfortable at alllll. We could squeeze ourselves in some how, but we don’t know how long they would take to fuck–30 minutes, one hour or even more.”

“What’s your point exactly!” I bawled. It was already killing me just thinking about them watching me get fucked, but for Lizzy to just mention the whole thing like if she was simply timing her food on fire, irritated the hell out of me.

“My point is that it’s too risky. Three is a crowd. It would mean more chances of bumping into something or one another. Which means more chances of us making loud noises and consequently more chances of getting caught.” Lizzy stated.

“Lizzy all you are doing is mentioning the obvious. What we need is a way to deal with our situation.” Kosi fumed, her voice mirroring her impatience.

Chioma said nothing, just looked at Lizzy in expectation of her answer, which she did give after taking in a deep breath and letting it out.

“I think only one person should stay in the wardrobe and make the video while the rest wait in another hotel room.” Her gaze got softer as it moved to Kosi, almost as though she was pleading with her to understand, “We need to play this safe, for all our sakes!” She added.

And that was how we came to the decision that Kosi would stay back to make the video while Chioma and Lizzy got a room to wait in. Kosi was standing by the wardrobe, her back to me, doing only God knows what. She was probably making room for herself in there or trying to mark the perfect spot to get a clear view of the bed.

Me on the other hand, clicked on the Whatsapp icon and found Chima was online. In a way I realized that, that was going to be the last time we chatted and wanted to make it as memorable as possible.

Me: Please tell me you are hard.

Chima: Only if you’re wet.

Me: Very.

Chima:Damn! I want in.

Me:What’s stopping you…

Chima: You.

Me: I don’t get.

Chima: You took your time picking a place, i thought maybe you changed your mind.

If only Chima knew what we had planned for him, maybe he would have wished I changed my mind.

I wish I did.

Me: Sorry about that.

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Chima: Apology rejected. If you want to say sorry, do it with your body.

I couldn’t help but smile.

Chima: So where’s the venue of Your apology?

Me: Presidential hotel, room 54.

Chima: I’ll be there in 30 minutes.

Me: Just so you know, my cat is dripping wet.

Chima: I meant 15 minutes.

Chima was wearing a black body hug polo. It outlined perfectly every bicep and tricep. I wanted to touch, tracing them with my fingers, but Chima had other plans.

He kissed me as soon as I locked the door, his tongue played with mine; his lips sucked on my bottom lip, biting it slightly before he broke the kiss.

“God I’ve missed you.” He gasped.

“I’ve missed your dick too.” I said with what I hoped was an innocent smile.

I wanted to say more, to really joke around, but Kosi was just few feet’s from me, taking record of every word.

Chima laughed as he planted another kiss on my lips.

“So that’s all you’ve missed huh?”

“I’m just being honest, and if you were too…” I nuzzled his neck, taking in a whiff of his Cologne, “…you’d admit that what you really missed is my pussy.”

His hands got hold of my top and slowly pulled it over my head.

“Four years in this school and I’ve never met someone as crazy as you.”

“Two years in this school and I’ve never met someone…” My hands grabbed hold of his hard dick that throbbed in his jeans, “…as large as you.”

“Crazy…” He smirked, kissing me a lot harder and, somewhat, aggressively.

Kosi is here.
Kosi is here!

I kept repeating those words in my head as he undressed me, planting kisses on every inch of me.

I kept repeating those words as he unclasped my bra in one motion and cupped my boobs in both hands.

I kept repeating those words when I had his dick in my mouth, the same time he had my pussy in his.

I couldn’t help but glance at the wardrobe from time to time, knowing Kosi was in there, squatting with her phone in hand… recording everything.

Honestly, I wanted to enjoy it, him flicking his tongue over my nipples, before he took them in his mouth, sucking greedily on them.

I wanted to scream out for more as his fingers slid in and out of me–in quick, fluid movements–that made me quiver and my pussy soaked.

I wanted to call out his name as I rode him like a horse, his dick plunging deeper into me which each straddling motion.

But I couldn’t. She was there.

Chima came for the third time in the bathroom with a loud grunt. I was bent over by the sink, my hands trembling, my breathing hard.

Kosi would have sneaked out by now, as planned, probably going through the footage with Lizzy and Chioma.

I didn’t know what scared me the most: the girls watching the video or the official release of my sex tape.

That evening the Video was edited in Kosi’s room with me, Lizzy and Chioma hunched behind her. Kosi picked a minute clip when Chima’s face was most visible and mine wasnt–when I was riding him.

She simply posted it with a new number in her departmental-group chat and they did the rest.

I knew my face wasn’t going to be seen; I knew that Chima won’t be able to trace me, but my heart didn’t stop beating fast all through that night, as though it would burst out of my chest.

We had done it–made Chima pay for his sins–but why did I feel like we had committed a greater sin. I didn’t take a wink that night…i don’t think any of us did.

The next day, the whole world knew what Chima had done. And by the end of the week, so did his father.



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