The Four Of us : Part 6

The Four Of Us : part 7

“He’s going to call…he will call!” Kosi said time and time again, as she walked back and forth in her room, her thumb in between her teeth–biting at her nails–the other hand clamped firmly on her waist.

I didn’t say anything, point of correction, I couldn’t say anything. Memories of the night before kept replaying in my head making it impossible for me to think about anything else.

I wanted to masturbate so bad; my right hand wedged in between my thighs that were clasped tight to each other, as if that could curtail the urge –it didn’t.

“Chima is probably fucking some other girl as we speak.” Chioma said yawning, while her right thumb slid upwards across her phone screen, “I doubt if he still remembers Amara’s name.”

“Now ain’t the time for your silly talks Chioma.” Lizzy retorted, rubbing her left eye with clenched fist.

“Who are you calling silly?” Chioma barked, glaring at Lizzy. Lizzy tried to return the stare, but with her sleepy eyes, it gave off no heat.

“Can you girls just keep quiet for a minuet so that I can think.” Kosi snapped, the anger in her voice dragging me out of my thoughts, “Don’t you see the mess we are in? Is this the time for your senseless bickering? “

Chioma and Lizzy said nothing; Lizzy with her head bent low while Chioma kept pressing her phone as if nothing happened.

It had been almost a whole day since I came back from Chimas place; the time was 1:37am, and still nothing from him: no text, no call.

Chioma was the one who opened the door to Femi’s car when we got to the lodge, with Lizzy and Kosi standing right behind her. They dragged me straight to my room, bombarding me with questions as soon as the door was locked.

So I dished out everything…well… almost everything.

I told them about how I kissed Chima at the club. Lizzy and Kosi looked shocked at first, then a smile spread across their lips. Chioma simply rolled her eyes in disbelief.

Then I recounted the whole event in his place, leaving the girls stunned at the end, their mouths wide agape. No one saying anything.

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Ladies and Gents, have you ever been in a situation were you felt saying the whole truth will do more harm than good? Well that was what I felt. Maybe that’s why I left out the part that I enjoyed it– every touch, every caress, every kiss, every nibble and every thrust.

Maybe that’s why I scored Chima a 4, on a scale of 1-10, when Lizzy (with her big mouth) asked. Maybe that’s why I didn’t look Kosi in the eyes when I said I was bored when Chima had his dick digging a new path into me. Maybe.

“Wow.” Lizzy finally said after all the question and answer were done with.

“I know it was a lot to ask, but thanks for going through with it Amara.” Kosi said with a warm smile. ” At least we know he is interested in you, he wouldn’t have kept you for that long if he wasn’t. So he is certain to call.” She added with an evil grin on her face.

Well that grin was all gone now. Almost 24 hours later and it was as if Saturday never happened. Me and the girls stayed up all Sunday, not taking even a wink because we were scared we would miss the call; the call that never came.

I looked at my phone for the hundredth time, not really sure if I wanted it to ring or not.

Honestly at that point, my thoughts were divided. On one side, I wanted Chima to call, I wanted the revenge for Kosi, for him to feel what she felt, for him to have a taste of his own medicine. I was sick of guys who fuck and tell. I was sick of girls not doing anything about it.

I wanted him to call so that the whole thing could be done and over with, so that we could all go back to being “us”, before Chima was ever in the picture, and most especially, to take Kosi’s name out of the mouths of everyone–to end the rumours.

But on the other side, I wanted out of the revenge. I wanted it to end without the drama that would come with it, without the video of me circulating the whole school, without being the cause of an altercation between Chima and his Dad.

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This was a thought I kept to myself. This was a thought I wished I never kept to myself.

“What do we do if he doesn’t call?” Lizzy asked quietly, her fingers laced together on her laps.

Kosi said nothing at first, her steps slowing down until she finally stopped, tiredness written all over her face; her right hand was placed over her forehead with her eyes shut tight for a brief moment before they opened slowly.

“I…I don’t know.” She muttered, her voice cracking, as she slumped on her bed. “Maybe we should just accept our loss. He won…” She looked at each of us with defeat in her eyes, “…like he always does.”

Lizzy left the chair she sat on and squatted Infront of Kosi, drawing her into a hug. And Chioma dropped her phone and did the same.

I looked at my phone screen one last time before I joined them–Maybe it was for the best that he didn’t call.


I took hurried strides, my heels digging deep into the soft sand, my bag dangling by my side. I had left Kosi’s room quiet late, and spent at least another hour thinking of God knows what, before I dozed off. To cut the long story short, I was late for my third class.

“Hello.” Shedrack said, appearing Infront of me from nowhere.

“Where did you come from?” I blurted out.

Shedrack’s right brow shot up as he studied me. “Are you trying to say you didn’t hear me when I was screaming your name? Something that the whole world heard!”

I didn’t answer him, just kept staring at him with absent concentration. I was not in the mood for small talks, the only thing on my mind was how fast the class (that I hadn’t even gone to) would end so that I could go back to bed.

“Amara are you okay?” He asked when I didn’t say anything or probably when he saw the dark circles around my eyes, “What’s up?”

“Nothing.” I muttered, but when Shedrack’s right brown started its journey to his forehead again, I added,” It’s just that I slept very late.”

“Oh! Well if you want we can skip this class.” He said with a grin, ” And watch porn over at my place.”


I thought about it for a minute. It was a very tempting offer, but missing two classes was bad enough.

“I can’t Shedrack. Maybe another time.”

“Your choice.” He said shrugging, walking towards our department.

We were just about to get into class when my phone vibrated in my bag. I halted, not able to move, as my gaze moved slowly to my bag. I took my time ziping open my bag and even a longer time fetching my phone out of it. I glanced at the screen to see a new, and that was when my heart skipped a beat (or maybe even two). I wasn’t sure if it was out of fear or excitement. Or maybe both.

It was Chima. It had to be him. My beating heart got louder as my thumb hovered above the red button.

“Meet me inside when you are done answering your call.” Shedrack said, already walking in. I plastered a strained smile as a reply, before returning my gaze on my phone, that didn’t feel like my phone at that moment.

It was heavier, much heavier that I could barely hold it up. I had a strong urge to just shove it right into my bag and forget that it ever existed, but instead I stared at the screen.

I could have ended it, an easy swipe to the left and Chima would be ancient history. Who would know? The girls already thought he didn’t call. The girls had already accepted our loss. Why change that?

I was about to end the call when the memory of Kosi in Food bite forced its way into my thoughts and it dragged along with it, the memory of Kosi crying just that morning in her room.

Ladies and gents, why do we always go against our better judgement when our friends or loved ones are involved? Why do we know what is wrong and still do it?

Why did I pick the call even when I didn’t want to?

“Hello?” I said in a low tone, my heart racing, my fingers trembling.

” Hey trouble.” Chima’s deep voice resonated from my phone’s speaker. ” Missed me?”



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