The Four Of Us : Part 4

love is a woman

We had taken two bottles of Smirnoff vodka and were on the 3rd bottle when Lizzy’s phone rang.

“Its eleven, Time to get going.” Lizzy said, Slurring her words.

Kosi drank the most amongst the four of us, but she seemed more composed–her voice steady.

“Its going to be okay, just remember the plan.” Kosi said, opening her Zara powder compact and adding more brown powder to my already make-up-packed face. “Silvia said she and her guy are going clubbing tonight, and that automatically means Chima is going to be there.”

“Who is Silvia again?” I asked slowly, trying hard to put a face to the name, my memory all fuzzy.

“She’s in Biochemistry. Slim, fair…kinda of tall.” Kosi said. The three of us just stared at her with a blank look on our faces, “…nice tits.” She added.

“Oooh..that Silvia.” Chioma exclaimed, “I swear she has to be using a serum.”

“What! No way!” Lizzy blurted, “You mean her tits are enhanced?”

“Stop it!” Kosi snapped, her gaze alternating between Chioma and Lizzy”She has nice tits. End of story, stop with all the badmouthing.” Kosi said, her eyes strained on Chioma briefly before coming back to me, “Just stick to the plan.”

‘Just stick to the plan’, those words rang in my ear throughout the ride to the Club, and it was still ringing as I said a quick prayer and stepped into Club X, the hottest club in school.

I scanned around for the bar as soon as I was able to calm my racing heart, trying to get one more shot of my liquid courage before I met up with Chima.

Club X was like most typical clubs: Dark and loud, with disco lights zigzagging all over the place. It was hard to move through all the bodies of dancers, and even harder to see.

As I walked into the eardrum-bursting club towards the bar–filled with sweaty bodies that seemed to be convulsing rather than dancing–I couldn’t help but wish I was back in my room, reading a book or streaming porn from my favourite porn site as my middle finger slid in and out of my pussy with a quiet ease.

I snapped out of my thoughts as I got to the bar, ordered a drink and took slow sips when it came.

” Fine Geh, care for a dance?” A deep voice asked. I turned my gaze to the direction of the voice to see a dark stranger with a sly grin. He had on a big shirt that seemed to be wearing him instead, and a trouser that didn’t want to stay on his waist, as he kept tugging it from time to time. I looked away when I got bored and took a sip from my drink.

“Not interested.” I said…or rather shouted over the blaring music that seemed to be on a mission to get me deaf by the end of the night.

” Na because say I ask you make you dance na you dey act like this? He barked. I didn’t answer him, his type were sleeping pills: boring with no interesting topic to bring to the table–adding to the fact that he was definitely at the bottom of “the list.”

But that was far from the reason why I snubbed him, I was on a mission and had to stay focused on that.

“You no even fine sef!” He scoffed before walking away. I couldn’t help but smile, that was the typical-everyday-chip-a-girl’s-self-confidence line.

Whenever a girl turns down a guys approach; refuse to give their numbers out, or refuses any advance from guys…the typical response of most guys is: “You no even fine sef!”

It works a lot of times, breaking most girls self-confidence into tiny bits, but i wasn’t most girls – I mean, most girls won’t be planning to fuck a Chima then leak the video, right?

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I took another sip from my glass as I scanned the club for Chima through the glass rims.

I’d never met Chima before, only seen pictures;even though its known that pictures speak a thousand words, they don’t really give accurate descriptions.

Kosi told me he was really tall, taller than me (with all my 5’8″), and so did his pictures–but what they both couldn’t do was tell me how tall exactly, so anyone taller than me became a possible Chima.

“You have to be very, very discreet about this Amara. I don’t want you guys to be seen in public, that’s why I picked the night club where it’s dark; I want a revenge on him, not to ruin your life. So stick to the plan!” Kosi repeated a hundred times in her room when she was dressing me up, applying on me more make up than my 19 year old face had ever received.

Kosi’s plan was simple and came in four phases: First and most importantly, I was to get his attention; Getting his number was the most crucial part, after all without a number I couldn’t chat him up which would be the next phase, apparently Chima isn’t a fan of point and kill, he takes his time observing his prey before he strikes (So no fucks to be expected on our first meeting); The fourth phase would be to keep him hooked until the finale–after what he did to Kosi, it was easy to see how easily he lost interest.

Then our next concern was the location–the scene of the crime. The plan was that Kosi, Lizzy and Chioma would find a hiding spot from which the video would be made, regardless of the location, so we had to pick made sure we were the ones that picked the place. Then lastly, and THE MOST IMPORTANT OF THEM ALL, my face would be blurred out.

After hearing Kosi’s plan, It seemed as though I might not need that brown coffin after all.

I dropped my drink as I walked into the crowd. Chima was nowhere to be seen, and I needed to dance off a little of all the vodka in my system.

With both hands placed on my bare thighs, I traced my fingers upwards to my mini skirt that barely covered my ass, while twisting slowly to the the tune of “Tonight”. I was still trying to adapt to the stranger that took a position behind me, grinding on my ass, when Chima stepped into club.

I hate that stereotypical shit: All boys are scum; all girls like money; every girl on low cut is either a hardcore tomboy or a lesbian, every guy on dreadlocks is an agboro–the whole thing is just stupid. But as soon as i laid eyes on Chima, I couldn’t keep the “Every rich guy is an asshole” stereotypical thought out of my head.

He had a small smile plastered on his face when he shook a couple of people, hailed others and ignored most, as he took a position on the dance floor. Ladies and Gents, you know that feeling you get when you have been anticipating a moment–like your “first time”–and then you imagine it being butterflies and rainbows, but when its about to happen you can’t help but wish you were anywhere but in that moment? Well that was me, I wanted to flee, run, fly even, but then that would mean all the preparations would have been for nothing, and the worst part would be me letting Kosi down. At that moment I wished I had listened to Lizzy.

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“What would you say when you meet him? You need to have a strong opening line…something that would catch his attention immediately?” Lizzy said with a seriousness that I’d never seen.

“What nonsense opening line? Na interview she wan do??” Chioma retorted, glaring at Lizzy then looking at me with the same expression that my Mom gave to me when she gave me the sex talk, which was basically four words: stay away from boys.

“Bae, you’ve read all those your plenty romance novels, and for that reason alone you will have killer lines to say, but if you practice, you will just mess it up. Trust me, I know what I’m saying.” Chioma said with a reassuring smile that didn’t make me feel reassured at aaaaaaall.

I faced Kosi for her own opinion, this was all for her after all.

“Amara you are going to be okay. Just be you, just like with the text, just be yourself okay?” Kosi said with a smile that actually helped to loosen a knot or two in my stomach, that wanted to strangle me from within.

It was two against one, so I listened to the winning party to be me–but “me” had no game, so I did what most typical everyday people did when faced with my situation –I became who they needed me to be.

My legs shook with each step I took closer to Chima. It was as if i had forgotten how to walk–wobbling all the way. It was normal to be scared, I mean, there were numerous ways the night could end:

  1. He sees me and immediately snubs me. The end
  2. We could actually get talking, then he eventually sees through my cracks and sees how boring I truly am and snubs me. The end.


3. He sees me, we dance, we talk…but he doesn’t give me his number or ever wants to hang out with me. And snubs me for all eternity. THE FUCKING END.

I realized at that moment that all through that week when I was contemplating on the answer to give Kosi, I was scared for the wrong reasons. All along I had been worried about them taking a video while my pussy was been stretched from within by Chima and about the said video being leaked, but all along the scariest part was me not being able to pull off the first meeting with Chima.

A few feet away from Chima, I halted and closed my eyes as a took in deep breaths, envisioning the Amara the girls wanted me to be: Confident, Sexy and wild–Just how Chima would like it.

“Is that all you got?” I said or rather shouted over the music when I got to him, tapping into all the sexy, confident characters I’ve read about in my romance novels and Eroticas.

He said nothing at first, the disco lights revealing a scowl that soften slightly as his gaze moved from my face to my crop-top that did little justice covering my boobs.

” What?” He shouted back when his gaze returned to my face.

“Your dance moves…they are weak. You can do better”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah.” I moved closer, getting a full dose of his Cologne as I whispered into his ears, ” I can show you how…” Turning my voice into a moan “…if you’ll let me.”

He pulled back, stared at me for a second before a smile spread across his face.

“Show me.” He whispered back, his voice deep but smoothing, resurrecting goose bumps that I had thought were long gone. I swallowed the fear that crept up my throat, clenching my shaky fists as I moved behind him. It was scary being so close to someone that oozed so much confidence–it made me feel so small– but I had to remind myself that the person Infront of me hurt Kosi and had to pay for it.

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I placed both hands on his hips, standing so close to him that my body was practically glued to his as we swayed slowly to the sound of the beat.

“You see…Its all In the hips.” I said into his ears.

At that moment I felt the fear melting away, just like when I was chatting with him. Once the initial awkwardness of the situation was dealt with, I was able play the character perfectly.

He turned over, breaking my hold and startling me, at the same he turned me around and placed his hands on my waist, his grip firm as he moved in the precise movement I did on him. He was pressed into me, his pelvic grinding into my ass.

“Like this?” He asked. I couldn’t help but laugh.” Want to go somewhere more quiet?”

It was weird, I was expecting Chima to be some kind of Jerk like he was to Kosi, I guess In a way I had already painted him as the big bad wolf and expected him to act accordingly.

“Not everyday I get a free dance lesson…” He said when we were outside the club, “…and from a beauty at that.” We were leaning against a white hilux. His hands were placed backwards on the hood, the cold air danced between my legs.

“You are welcome.” I said.

“I Don’t remember thanking you.” He stated, a left brow raised.

“That’s because you haven’t.” I said as I leaned into him and pressed my lips against his.

It was weird; I wasn’t revolted, turned off or sickened by the kiss…I liked it. The reason I kissed him in the first place, was to leave an impression and hopefully get him excited enough to want to hang out with me again…to get his phone number–but I actually liked it.

I told myself the reason for my response was because it had been aaaages since I last fucked and i was just sex starved, that I was turned on because the weather was cold, that I enjoyed the kiss because I was horny…

Chima on the other hand had a stunned look on his face, his mouth briefly agape before he bit on his lower lip and smiled. Yep, his attention was fully acquired.


“And that was…?” He asked, the smile getting wider.

“Your thank you.” I said, a smile tugging at my lips.

He tucked both hands in his front pocket, took two small steps away from the car and then turned to face me again.

” I like you.” He blurted out.

I chuckled quietly, looking down at the tires of a black Toyota parked next to us, as I cracked my brains for a suitable reply.

The plan was going better than any of us could have imagined, so I hadn’t been schooled on how to react–no one prepared me for this.

“You shouldn’t…” I said when I finally looked up at him.

“And why not?” He asked, as he took a step closer to me.

“I’m trouble.” I said, biting on my lower lip in the most sexiest way I could think of.

He smiled. “Then you’re perfect…” He placed his right hand on my cheeks, while the left hand pulled me closer, “…cause I like trouble.”

He kissed me slowly at first, but later hungrily, his tongue exploring every inch of my mouth until we were gasping for air.

He smiled broadly when he pulled away, but his hands still remained on my cheeks.
“It’s getting kind of late…want to spend the night at my place?”


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