The four of Us: Part 2

love is a woman

I’d never really put too much thought about being “boyfriend-less”, It was inconvenient most nights but it had it’s ups too;It meant more time to do important things like reading novels, hanging out with my girls, masturbating and going to church. But then Chioma made a comment, maybe to her it was nothing, saying it in the heat of the argument with Lizzy, but then it made me wonder, and when I went to sleep that night–around the time Kosi would have been screaming ‘harder’ while Chima took her from the back–the wondering turned to a thought that refused to go away.

Kosi had two out-of-school boyfriends that none of us had actually seen, excluding Chima (he was still a work in progress); Chioma had two, one in school while the other one was in Lagos; he was a big time businessman with a good number of plaza’s scattered all over Lagos, at least that’s what she told us; while Lizzy had just one– Adebayo.

I was the only one in the group that was single , but that was okay –it wasn’t a crime to be single after all– But then Chioma’s comment made it seem otherwise. What if it wasn’t just a heat-of-the-moment comment, what if this was what Chioma had buried deep in her mind all these while, and her argument with Lizzy gave an avenue for it to burst out?

“Good morning Amara.” Shedrack said as soon as he sat besides me, dragging me out of my thoughts. He had a contagious smile that always made me smile back; It was one of his charms along side the fact that he was cute, tall and had an accent–If  Ramsey Noah and Majid Michael had a baby, it would sound like Shedrack.

Normally this would put him with the “middles”, but Shedrack had a rich Daddy that spoilt him silly, which placed him high on the top spot.

“Tell me you made good use of yesterday’s rain.” He asked, but when no reply came from me, a left brow popped up, “Amara you too dey dull aswear!”

“Shedrack Abeg e too early for your wahala.” I retorted.

Shedrack has been trying to get me laid since he found out that I hadn’t had “some” since Ola, my one month boyfriend of 100 level. Some might think it’s weird for a girl and a guy to be just friends–and even weirder when they are really open with each other sexually– but Ladies and Gents, its Abso-fucking-lutely normal.

“Lemme guess…you and Nadia fucked all night abi?” I asked. Nadia was Shedrack’s on and off girlfriend. She was one of the prettiest girl in our level but in Microbiology department.

A goofy smile answered what I already knew, they were “on” after all.

“See eh…I’m not trying to rub it in your face, but it was one of my best sex …” He grinned with a mischievous look in his eyes,”…for now. “

“Oh please…that’s what you say all the time.” I said rolling my eyes, ” Which sex isn’t the best for you?”

He shrugged. “You can’t blame me, I’ve got a good instrument and I know how to use it well.” He said with a wide grin plastered on his face


I’ll admit they were few times when I’d imagined what fucking him would be like, his facial expressions when I had his dick deep in my throat and how good it would feel when he’s eating my pussy, but that was all it was–an imagination–I never crossed the line. We could cuddle, bathe together, sleep together in our undies or even naked; but what we couldn’t do was kiss (cause kissing led to touching and touching led to sex), watch each other masturbating (even though I’d dreamt of this a good number of times) and fuck.

Me and Shedrack are not your everyday typical Girl/Boy friends, We tell each other everything: who he fucks, how many times I masturbate in a day, who chyked who, who’s the latest crush (I’m the one who does most of the telling here) and our deepest fantasies ( we describe the act but leave out names, which is very lucky for me since he’s in most of mine.).

So when my new found quest for a boyfriend began, it wasn’t a shock that I told Shedrack.

” I think I need a boyfriend. ” I whispered into his ear as Mr Ozor walked into the class, His eyes lit up immediately.

“About time!” He a said while bringing out his note from his bag, “Do you have anyone in mind?”

I had a few chykers, but their sexting game was wack. My belief was that you are as good as you typed.

“Not really!”

“Today we are going to be looking at Carbon cycle.” Mr ozor said from the front of the class.

“We’ll continue this after class.” Shedrack said, but we didn’t continue anything because Nadia called, and when Nadia calls Shedrack always answered.

Getting to the lodge I went straight to Kosi’s room where I was sure the others would be and was right on target when I walked into her room and saw Lizzy lying on the bed and Chioma sitting on the floor, her back propped on the bed.

“Oya spill.” I said looking at Kosi with a wide grin, ” How was he?”

Kosi didn’t even look at me, her gaze was alternating between Lizzy and Chioma, and that’s when I noticed she wasn’t even smiling as she sat on her bed.

“Kosi what’s wrong?” The smile on my face gone as I took a place next to her.

“He wasn’t into her!” Chioma spoke, her voice laced with anger, “Said he wasn’t feeing the chemistry.”

“What an asshole!” Lizzy sneered.

“Maybe he’s gay!” Chioma hissed.

“That’s not how it works Chioma. Gays fuck guys not girls.” Lizzy shot back.

“Maybe he’s trying to cover up by fucking girls. You never can tell.” Chioma retorted. Lizzy simply replied by rolling her eyes.

“I don’t get. You mean you guys didn’t fuck?” I asked, a little confused.

“Oh we did, just one flimsy round that was less than 10 minuites and then he went to sleep.” Her voice almost a whisper. “He’s not replying my texts either, I think this is it for us.”

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I wanted to keep shut, it was my big mouth that got us here In the first place, but I couldn’t just stay quiet while my friend was hurt.

” I think the best thing is to call him up one last time for clarity.” I said

“Which nonsense clarity? So that he would think I’m a ‘desperado’ abi?” Kosi barked, her nose flared and her eyes wide–ready to kill.

This got me quite immediately.

“See, maybe we are looking at this whole thing wrongly.” Lizzy said, in a much calmer voice than she’s known for, “Chima is in 400 level, someone like him should have had loooots of sex to last him a life time.” Her voice reduced to a whisper, ” I think he’s just bored with sex in general. “

Everyone’s attention moved to Kosi, trying to see if this would calm the raging beast within her or infuriate it even more.

In a normal scenario I would have laughed at the impossibility of Lizzy’s comment, hodling my stomach as i laughed hard or maybe, even rolling on the floor–Chioma likewise. Chima was in his prime, a young man with lots of hormones kicking his sexual drive to full speed; being bored of sex was as much a fairytale as Girls not being interested in sex.

“Maybe.” Kosi finally said after what must have been 5 minutes, if not more.

We said nothing, all three of us simply nodded our heads in unison.

After that no one spoke for a while, I thought the Chima chapter was closed, until Lizzy had to open her own big mouth.

” How exactly was the, you know, the fuck?” Lizzy asked breaking the silence.

“How else person take dey fuck? He was on top, I was under. Finish!” Kosi barked.

Chioma dared to laugh, but Lizzy had on a poker face. I on the other hand dug mentally into my folders of Literotica, contemplating if I should make mention of some of the positions and techniques applied by the female characters but advised myself otherwise.

Here is the thing about most girls in 200 level: sex is still new to us, we knew just the basic–insert dick into pussy– we were too young and naive and had no idea it was much more complicated than that.

Porn was there to help with the educating, but seeing something is very different from actually doing it. And let’s be honest, porn isn’t all that real, with many faked moans and dicks that had to be sucked hard before filming, so it was hard to tell what and what really turns a guy or a girl on from porn. I’m just saying.

“So what are you going to do about him? Forget him? End it?” Lizzy asked quietly, she was being cautious. At this point Kosi was a field of landmines and she knew it.

Kosi didn’t even act as if she had been asked a question. She said nothing, just a blank look on her face with her eyes strained on the floor tile, lost in thought probably.

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“If you ask me, I think we should teach that spoilt, over pampered Chima a lesson.” Chioma said. “Regardless of how many fucks he’s had, that’s no way to treat a Lady.”

The thing was that nobody asked her anything, but as I’ll come to realize, my big mouth wasn’t the only thing that got me into trouble–other people’s big mouths did a good job of it as well.

“Seconded!” Lizzy said, “What did you have in mind?”

“A sex tape.” Kosi blurted out.

Our gazes turned towards her.

“I…I don’t see how we can pull that off.” Lizzy stammered.

“And besides, sex tapes don’t hurt guys, we girls are the ones who get affected by it.” Chioma muttered.

“I know I don’t know Chima that well, but from the little I know, I’m well aware that any scandal from him will get him in serious trouble with his Father.” Kosi looked at each of us with a new found mischief in her eyes, “No more Daddy, no more money. That will put him in his place.”

We all kept quiet trying to recognize the new Kosi, well, at least I was. I’d always known Kosi as sweet and troublesome, but this was taking it too far. I took a deep breath and let it out, I was definitely going to get a mouthful from her for what I was about to say, but I had to put an end to the whole revenge before it got out of hand.

“Kosi, he turned you down and in a shitty way for that matter, but that doesn’t mean you have to go this far.” I looked towards Chioma and Lizzy for backup and watched them cringe in their positions, as though they were making it clear to Kosi that they didn’t agree with my statement. Ladies and Gents, a classic example of ‘Judases’.

When my gaze retunred to Kosi, her glare reminded me why I should have just shut up in the first place–but I continued regardless.

“And then for him to just ignore you, cutting of communication like that, is fucked up, but Kosi this is not not, revenge ain’t you–”

“Then maybe you don’t know me!” Kosi snapped.

Chioma and Lizzy gasped loudly. I clenched my fist–my fingernails digging into my palms–as I tried not to get angry at her statement.

“He humiliated me, what do you not get about that? So many people in school have already seen us together and as you know, would have spread the news that we are an item. And now he wants to end everything in less than a month of us meeting–what do you think people would start saying about me? They would call me one of his conquests–a cheap slut–and laugh behind my back!” Kosi was screaming at this point. I should have shut up at this point–i didn’t.

“Why should their opinions matter? We your friends know the truth, isn’t that all that matters?” I asked.

“You don’t get it Amara, you just don’t!” Kosi snapped.

“Then make me understand.” I said.

“My image is everything, its all that I really have and now he’s going to ruin that. So yes, I give a fuck about what people say–a lot of fucks! But if he’s ruined then it would be to my advantage, people would say I dodged a bullet, people would pity me, guys would feel sorry for me; more chances to get a new catch, and my life goes on smoothly. Do you get now?” Kosi ranted.

I disagreed with many of her beliefs, but she was my friend. Ladies and Gents, have you ever been in a situation were you had to go against your better judgment because of a friend, well this was my own situation.

“How can I help?” I asked, four little words that changed everything.

“Seduce Chima!” Kosi Stated. A wide grin plastered on her face.


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