The Beautiful Hope

Let Comfort Dwell With Those Who Truly Seek: A Samuel Jr Special

Have you ever found happiness in the same things that surrounded you when you were sad?
Like the sound of sand crushing gently underneath your feet,
The smell of wind after an emotionless rain,
The way your neighbour’s voice cracks and breaks during her morning singing,
The innocent laughter of her second child,
Or how it feels to finally accept you’re good at something just for a while at least.

When you’re encircled by such uninvited gloom,
The world becomes nothing but a grotesque reflection of your feelings,
So it is impossible for you to see beauty in anything.
Everything is a shadow of itself,
The birds look hesitant, singing in agonizing whispers,
The stars seem to have forgotten how to blink,
The hands of the clock move like they were dipped inside the weight of your own stagnation.
So you choose to hide your hurt and your emotions hoping that one day they’ll eventually die.
You forgot that you cannot kill a heart that wants to love.
So when you bury your emotions, you bury them alive
And your body becomes a graveyard of living voices screaming for acceptance.

But beauty will wait for you until you’re sober,
It will bring colours to your lackluster and essence to your absurd.
It will stand outside your window waiting until you have discovered a way to heal.
Happiness will wear a blanket across your shoulders and put a lantern in your heart so the small glow can warm and give life to the fossils of what once loved.
So whenever your gloom begins to spread within you like a ripple effect of poisoned water, the feel of your own smile will keep you until it fades away into a defeatless calm.

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