Something Between Us. 7

Better than balm

“Jesus, Maria what the fuck?!” I screeched, jerking up to a sitting position and crossing my legs to hide my erection.

Maria turned on the rechargeable table lamp amidst her fit of laughter which sent her boobs bouncing around in her bra which was visible through her brown, see-through tank top.” Guy, Abigail has to see this!”

“Please delete whatever that is.” I groaned at her. I was embarrassed and even though she’s seen me hard countless times before, I didn’t want to get up this time for some reason.

“I won’t be doing that, thank you.”

I rolled my eyes again and went to the bathroom, my back to her the whole time.

She kept on laughing. “What? Are you going to beat that stick in there or you just want to pee?”

“Oh, fuck off Maria. What are you even doing here anyway? It’s like what? 11?”

“12:10.” She replied “And I live here now. Who’s going to take care of you? Mumu.”

“I can take care of myself ma.” I replied, getting out of the bathroom, now in a pair of jeans shorts. Confidence restored. “Besides, I need to be able to leave my hand in my shorts in my house.”

“Well, no one’s stopping you.” Maria said, plopping down on the bed. She caught me walking towards the chair. “Hey hey hey! Come here.” She said, tapping the space beside her on the mattress.

“I’d rather not.” I said, eyeing the bottle of methylated balm in her hand.

“I said come here!” She repeated, sternly this time. “Don’t make this harder than you already are.”

“Ha ha, very funny.”

As soon as I sat down, she handed me her phone with the flashlight on. “Take, show me where it hurts.”

“It hurts everywhere, so I don’t know if you’re planning to cover me in that thing like a mummy or whatever but I’m not really down for that.”

“Ah. What else do you have in mind then?”

“I don’t know, can’t you like… Kiss it better or something?” I said, wearing the goofiest smirk ever.

She laughed again, the top of her boobs jiggling as she did.

“What?” I asked. “For the phrase to even exist, don’t you think it works?” Even I didn’t believe this but all in the spirit of friendly, sexual teasing right?

“Oh, what the hell.” She said, leaning close and bringing her face down to my shoulder. Blood drained from my whole body and rushed to my head (and my other head, wink wink). The whole world went silent left for the loud whirring sound in my head.

Her soft, warm lips, touched the bruise on my cold skin, pressed down, and felt like heaven. She lingered, looked up at me and asked “Like that?”

“That was perfect.” I replied, finally breathing out.

“Ooh. How about here?” she said as she came higher to place a warmer kiss on my jawline, below my ear.

“Yup.” I was out of breath again so quickly. “Right there’s killing me.”

“Uh-huh? Here?” She moved up higher to my cheekbone right under my eye. Her breath was hot on my face, and I was enveloped in the scent of her cologne. A few locks of her hair tickled my face and shoulder and glancing down in the semi darkness, I stared into the dark valley of her deep cleavage. It took everything I had to remain cool under that kind of pressure. So I closed my eyes.


“Right there is the worst.” I whispered.

She levelled her face with mine. “Is it?”

I opened my eyes and we stared at each other, our eyes asking hundreds of questions that we had no answers to. So we closed them and touched lips. Just the faintest of touches. Like whispering a kiss, unsure of whether it was save to dive right in. Again, we kissed lightly, and confirming that we were both down, we cranked it all the way up.

Up to that time, it was the most passionate experience I’d ever had. We didn’t kiss like two people who liked each other. We made out like two wild animals trying to eat one another’s face, gasping and growling into, our tongues having a fight of their own, moans and groans escaping every now and then.

It wasn’t like the way I’d made out with other girls. This was one a whole other level. Like we were having a conversation that words couldn’t contain. It was in the way breathed, in the kiss, in the sounds, in the hands…

Oh… The hands.

The hands were everywhere. My hands had gone on almost all available adventures. They’d fucked with her hair, held her face in place, roamed around her torso, and found peaceful rest on her soft pillow of an ass.

I’d felt that ass on me multiple times before when we cuddled or she gave me a lap dance for no reason other than to see my reaction, but it was only the second time I had my hands on them, the first being that weird night after the party and though her ass felt awesome in jeans, it was next level through her thin polyester shorts. I grabbed both cheeks and kneaded them to my heart’s content. My palms were comfy, and my fingertips were home in her gluteal cleft.

My right hand had to leave on an adventure of its own shortly though, because there was still the best part that I’d been saving for last.

A pair of perfectly round, smooth, angel carved tits sat there in front of me, all sweaty and ignored. That was all about to change. My hand slowly crept up from her maximus, along the deep arch of her lower back, under her shirt, counting ribs on her side and braking when I came to the underwire in front of her bra. Jack hammers had nothing compared to the way my heart beat in those few seconds it took for me to hesitate and wait for the kill order or whatever. Everything was green, so I went for it.
Her breast was incredible. It was soft and firm and warm and smooth and heavy. I I went on to knead it for a few seconds before moving to her back to fiddle with her bra clasp with both hands.

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Maria didn’t try to help me though, because she still trying to get my zipper down. You got to hand it to Levi’s, they make incredible jeans, had it been normal slacks or shorts, my dick would have ripped through them, flicking the zipper up at Maria as it did. But the jeans fought valiantly to hold my angry penis down as as she was grinding on it. Now it was time to set it free. After we’d both struggled fruitlessly, we traded places. I went for my zipper and she went to unclasp her bra. Why didn’t we think of that earlier. We she’d those awful clothing in record time and went right up to the next phase.

Maria caught my hands making a beeline to her free tits and snatched my left hand on its way there. Then she guided me in the opposite direction, down her belly button, and beneath the elastic waistband of her shorts.

Hooooly shit!

She arched her back and faced the ceiling as she ground her wet panty-covered pussy on my hand, like she was trying to use my fingers to masturbate. She used her other hand to grab my head and forcefully stuff my face where it wanted to be — between her breasts. With her hand holding my head in place and my right hand pressing her left breast harder unto my face, to be honest I couldn’t breathe. But I didn’t care. If I died, angels would be proud of me.

With my other hand now on autopilot, Maria didn’t need to hold it anymore. So she reached down to get what she been hustling all the while. Her fingers traced the outline of my hard baton over my boxers, the was one caressed a new toy or car steering. She touched it like she had fun evil intentions for it. Wrapped her fingers around it like the embrace of a long gone lover. Stroked it like she was glad to be back home.

I was being obstructed by her panties, so I brought my hand up, and back down, into her underwear this time, meeting her bare pussy with my fingers. Fingers that seemed to have a brain of their own because I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing but they seemed to as they went to town on that mound, moving here and there, rubbing this and that. Whatever was happening seemed to be the right thing though because she hugged my head tighter, squeezed my cock harder, and whimpered louder as she went though what I would later learn was a mini orgasm. I was proud of myself and I went ahead to put one finger in her.

Normally, I myself would have cum right when she touched my dick, but here I was, still going like a champ even as she came down from her little high and reached in through the opening of my boxers and brought out my hard rock Cafe who was more than happy to be in the open, yet looked angry as fuck. After petting it and rubbing its head like a good boy she proceeded to beat it hard and fast in time with the finger-fucking her cunt was receiving.


Our hands moved at blinding speeds like we were both racing to an unknown location, yet we’re eager to get there fast. We went at it like our lives depended on getting each other off as soon as possible. The room was filled with wet, squelching sounds as my precum lubricated her hand and she leaked unlimited juices unto mine. The room was loud with moans and gasps and whimpers.

I put another finger in her. She stroked me faster. I pinched her nipple. She stroked it even faster. My mouth clamped down on her other nipple. How was it even humanly possible to stroke a dick as fast as she did, but she went even faster again.

It was semi dark, we were sweaty, her tits were out obscenely over the top of her shirt. She was vibrating as I pistoned my fingers up into her vagina. I was stiffening up as my the dam in my balls threatened to burst. I finally did what I’d been ignoring. I pinched her clit. And she went over the edge.

Massive tremors coursed through her body as she experienced wave after wave of a massive orgasm. In porn or literature, that was when girls would scream and yell shit, but hers was different. Quiet, yet intense. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she threw her head back to follow suit, teeth clenched, back arched, chest thrust forward. She looked like a dreaded goddess being worshipped. She looked like a demigod holding an infinity stone for the first time and feeling the power move through all her nerves. It was the most beautiful and most erotic thing I’d ever seen. Her nails dug into the back of my neck and her other hand threatened to choke the life of my angry dick while her pussy leaked gallons of slick juices all over my fingers in a seemingly unending stream.

The dam in my testicles finally gave up the ghost and all the cum I seemed to have in me, raced out and up my shaft to shoot up in a powerful geyser of hot semen. One long rope, splashing the underside of Maria’s shorts and recrocheting backwards to fall on my thigh and the bed sheet. The next shot hit her directly in the belly button and fell back down on to mine, then came the rest which just came up and and fell all over her hand.

I continued to massage her cooch. She kept on stroking me affectionately as she calmed herself and we kissed passionately. Not the horny youth kiss we’d shared earlier but calm, loving sharing of one another. Again, it was like a conversation that no one understood but we were happy to have while we tried to control our breathing and our racing hearts.

When we were calm enough and we’re doing nothing totally goofy like staring deep into eyes and stuff (we totally were), she said with a smirk, “You know I’m still going to embalm you right?”

“Jesus Maria


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