Something Between Us. 6


Power was out when I woke up hours later.

I just stared at the ceiling, fantasizing about fucking one of my hot friends once again (yeah, I obviously do that). Like, I wonder what you’re expecting.

No, really. You’re friends with four of the hottest girls in the school, and you spend most of the day with one, more, or all of them, every day. You can’t even deny having the most epic of fantasies with them. Mad imaginations that fill your brain with hardness and softness and steam and sweat. I’ll digress if I don’t stop.

True, we were, we were all friends and one might want to say it’s wrong to use my friends as sexual fantasy objects, they were fine with it (yeah, we were that open to one another). Sandra said she was fine with it “as long as it kept porn far away” while Maria thought it was totally hot.

It was an inescapable situation for me, being the only guy and I wasn’t complaining. Sometimes, we didn’t know where we were between plain friendliness and sexual curiosity which should have been awkward but since three of them were single at the time (Maria becoming single later on), we were quite chill.

So there was no harm really, snuggling with one of them when I was hanging out with her and we were watching a movie or something. With hands roaming about and seemingly carelessly over one another, we had to consciously make sure we stayed away from the juicy parts. This no doubt, left both of us definitely horny afterwards but we weren’t in the kind of relationship so we just let it all play off (I usually jerked off as soon as I went home. Judge me. And I watch the movie again because I wasn’t concentrating for shit).


At this point, I’d given up on getting a girlfriend so much that if it was present day with the whole craze, people would swear I was gay. But the girls I asked and went out with never even got past a week or two with me before breaking things off because of… what? Insecurity? Something else? As much as I assured them I was just friends with the other girls, they never seemed to get comfortable with them. When all of us hung out together, my (air quote) girl… would feel totally intimidated by the others, sometimes even to the point of being unable to speak (this happened).

They actually have every right to be jealous though because to be honest, I barely thought about much else than my friends.

Regardless of when I was going out with another girl, or if I was watching Lisa Ann, one or more of their images remained in my head playing one or more naughty scenario.

I couldn’t even hang out much with my boys anymore because all they’d want to do when I was around was tease me and talk about the girls in ways I found disrespectful and yet, ask me to help them (guys) talk to them. We couldn’t even carry a normal conversation for up to five minutes so, fuck ‘em. The girls were cooler. Besides, Jenny could play PES so… there’s that.

One of these scenarios I talked about just now was going on as I woke up, so I kept my eyes closed, and let it continue.

In this fantasy, Jenny and I had been jogging round the school, which for some reason (convenience) was totally empty. It was the full package with all the round ass bouncing in sweatpants and full boobs swinging in sports bra. Also present were her over-emphasised stretches and body contortions designed to torture me since I could see but not touch.


I had to create a situation that would force the both of us to be in a sexually charged situation so I came up with one so corny, I smiled at my silliness. We spotted two trucks carrying armed terrorists driving slowly in our direction (I know, it was lame) so we had to hide away before they saw us. Conveniently, the only place to hide was a closed that was just there, attached to a wall. A closet so small, it pressed our bodies up together when we went in. The men also came to as stop just outside where we hid and didn’t leave. We could hear their voices, arguing loudly in a language I came up with just then so we didn’t understand and we couldn’t leave.

We just stood there, chest to chest, crotches to thighs, breathing one another’s air. After a few minutes of being there, our panic had waned and we just patiently waited. This was when started to notice the smell of her body and hair, the sweat on her arms mixing with mine, her breath on my neck, her soft yet firm breasts pressing against my chest, and her heat burning my thigh. All of these sensations driving all the blood I had down to my dick.

I looked down at her, she was looking up at me. She was trying to tell me something with her eyes but I wasn’t getting it, so I mouthed my question and we had a quiet conversation.


“Your dick.”

“What about my dick?”

“It’s touching me, shift it.”

“I can’t shift it. You shift it.”

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She glared at me and started shuffling, which only made her reposition herself slightly so my hard dick was now between her thighs, pressed right up against her hot cunt. She frowned up at me, and I smiled down at her.

Suddenly, there was a bright flash outside my closed eyes and I snapped them open to see Maria there with her phone camera in her hand and a smirk on her sexy face.

I yanked my hand out from inside my shorts.


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