Silent Flames

The Four of us part 5

Born with a hot temper and pampered to a fault,pride was the fourth child from a family of five.Her father was blessed with the act of welding ,Mr Samson managed to keep his middle class financial status as an engineer.

Mrs Salomi got married to Mr Samson at an early age of fifteen ,she was not well educated but managed to find herself a man of good reputation. Pride was blessed with two elder sisters and two younger brothers, she got everything she ever wanted and was handled with care,pride was known to be discipline and intelligent .

Mr Samson and his family relocated from  Lagos to Abuja due to his  transfer at work, pride cried all through the night cause she loved her friends and had no intentions of departing from them soon.

It felt like life had pressed a new wrong button, no more birthday celebrations, family time, vacations and shopping became a rare activity to the family, crying wasn’t an option cause even pride was no longer considered the daddies girl .the family went through several struggles to maintain the unity they had but separation ran faster than their efforts.

Ivy ,pride’s elder sister was already preparing for her wedding she was so fortunate to marry Joshua the man of her dreams, it wasn’t easy convincing her parents regarding the fact that Joshua was from a different ethnic group,the experiences of others engaged in relationships scared pride from falling in love although her siblings had beautiful experiences.How can love not find its way into the life of a fairy queen like pride,beneath her fear of love their was a strong desire to love and be loved in return. Love flies into our hearts without invitation ,this was also the case of pride.

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‘God forbid, I will never date or marry my mate,ghussssssssh its awkward! ‘This has always been pride’s expression at a thought of dating her mate before she got lost in her own words with Japheth.

Japheth was a gentle ,shy and handsome teenager just like pride he also fell in love with no hopes of giving up.

Its considered to be a sign of immorality when two teenagers get involved in a relationship, it always stands as a threat to the girl if they engage in sexual affairs. This wasn’t Japheth’s desires but pride got scared and ended the relationship with claims that she never really loved him, Japheth felt heartbroken but always believed that she would come back to him sooner or later. Sections started again and Japheth was persuaded by his friends to move on,pride felt jealous but she was convinced that no matter what happened japheth would always love one person and that was her.

They walked away from each while their hearts remained firm together, it was clear that they loved each other but circumstances made their love seem impossible.

Two years later,they both graduated from secondary school and tried to keep their distance but who can defeat the force of love.

It started again as friends but grew into a stronger love ready to break all barriers to be together, japheth and pride shared a Union that even couples wished to have.they had a rare kind of understanding and tolerance for one another but Japheth had to suffer enduring pride’s baseless jealousy and temper.

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One Friday afternoon,pride bumped into vera,a girl who always ragged of getting all the men she wanted back then at school,after having a long conversation vera lied about having an affair with Japheth because she has always wanted to have Japheth to herself ,pride out of jealousy got back home ,ranging with anger she broke all the utensils, scattered the house and almost drown herself, her desire to have Japheth all to her self was gradually becoming an obsession, Japheth loved her including her faults, he understood everything she did even though it wasn’t worth understanding…

‘Oh my God! dude,your girl is crazy ,why does she always make a big deal out of nothing’ ….Amos always discouraged Japheth on going ahead with the relationship but Japheth was not willing to let his love go no matter what happens, Japheth threw Amos out of his house and threatened not to be his friend if he ever uttered a negative word against pride.

Japheth explained everything to pride and apologized as though he was at fault, she also apologized and they fixed everything back in order. They both got admission and distance became a thing to think about but their love still endured and burnt with new pleasing flames that increased the bond of their hearts.

Japheth and pride’s relationship grew more interesting as the years went on ,their plans for the future with one another was becoming a reality as though it was indeed a match from heaven,Japheth’s mum already knew about their relationship so she kept in touch with pride in order to know about her son cause  it seems he was only concerned about the love of his life, yes that was true but she had no problem at all.

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‘Finally,am done with school baby please will u treat me on a vacation to Paris’,Japheth smiled after listening to pride, she was still jumping and laughing while Japheth went down to his kneels waiting for her to turn ,finally she did,

Pride: pyaar! What are u doing?

Japheth:sweety ,I don’t need to narrate our story to the world cause we haven’t broadcasted it yet the waters flow to the tunes of our love,the birds dance to our rhymes of love, the hearts of those broken and cold get heated again for love because of the silent flames our love liberate, I love you baby ! Will u marry me please be my pride and everything for life love please bar will u?

Pride: I love you more baby!yes yes yes I will…

Pride jumps up with excitement and Japheth carries her up with so much love like a warrior who has conquered a nation, pride was a girl every guy desired and according to Japheth the only courageous thing he has ever done was proposing to pride ,the girl who was considered the first Lady and above every guy.

Written and Composed by Boffins


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