Set Up For Fuck Up

love is a woman

Girl With Drinks: “Just take one.”

Me: “No, I’m okay. Thanks.”

Guy Close By: “Carry na. You no dey drink?”

Me: “Nah… Not tonight.”

Guy Close By: “You na fuck up guy oo.”

Me: (Starts walking away).

Guy Close By: “Pussy guy.”

I didn’t go to parties because I was a loner. Even when it was in my compound, I just preferred to be indoors. It all changed when I started to hang out with Abigail. I would gladly be where she was even if it was jail, or worse, a party in that damn school.

And she always went. I think it was just to feed her constant thirst for mercilessly teasing people and they couldn’t touch her. I was cool with that, she was mine anyway?

Was she? I was going to ask her out that weekend. But the universe knew how to set one up for a fuck up, or sometimes, save a person.

I was going to leave the party when I ran into Maria.

Maria was one of Abigail’s friends I’d gotten to know in the past couple of months who was almost equally hot as her friend — Darkskinned beauty with full perky boobs, round ass, dangerous curves and dreadlocks. She had these Asian kind of eyes which combined with her ADHD and other features, made her look like a fun junkie. And to an extent, she was.

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“Where’re you going?!” She asked, out of breath for some reason.

“I’m bored, I’m going home.”

“What?! Haba na, stay small.” She said, tugging my sleeve. Was she high? She didn’t smell drunk or anything. In fact, she’d just gotten there. And we hardly ever talked, so… This was weird.

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“I’d still be bored and that’s my whole point of —”

“Do you have data?”

“Yes I… Wait! Are you okay?” I was genuinely worried at that point.

“I’m fine joor! Just turn on your Hotspot for me abeg. There are some really important messages I need to receive like ASAP.”


“Here’s my phone. Connect it, I’ll be back!” She pranced away.

I connected her phone to my phone’s WiFi and like 5 seconds later, notifications started coming in hot.

There were tons them that I didn’t pay attention to but her whatsapp settings had her messages popping up on the screen and some of them caught my eye.

They were from Abigail about me.

I just gats to know! So, I opened the message (say what you want), scrolled to Abigail’s conversation and opened it.

Apparently they’d talked about stuff and during their conversation, my name came in. Something like:

Maria: “Or you’ll be studying with your boyfriend?”

Abigail: “My who?”
Abigail: “Mel?”

Maria: “So you know and you’re just playing dumb.”

Abigail: “Mel is not my boyfriend na. What even made you think that one?”

Maria: “Well, the obvious na. Everyone thinks that one. It’s just remaining for one of you to toast the other.”

Abigail: “Yeah, right.”
Abigail: “Look. It’s not going to happen. I mean, it’s not like he isn’t cool or anything oo. He’s an awesome guy, but nah. I mean, he’s not like all those guys who just see me as something for fucking. And I like that. But hey. It won’t.”
Abigail: “I mean… He’s not even that fine right now na… So, who would?”

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I was just frozen. Like… I read that message about 5 times.

“Hey! Give me my phone!” Maria snatched it away, eyeing me. “Yaaay! WiFi!”

I slowly walked away, looking for the Girl With Drinks.

About an hour later, I was sitting alone outside the compound, the party still going full swing inside. It was quiet, peaceful, and dark outside and I’d lost count of how many beers I’d had.

” Hey! There you are!” Maria said, appearing out of nowhere. She seemed pretty tipsy herself. “Like, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

“Yeah.” I replied. “I mean, I’d have gone but I figured, you might still need the WiFi so I just stuck around.”

She held my arm with both hands, nuzzling my shoulder. “You’re so nice. Thank you.”

“Hey uh… It’s pretty late and you’re pretty drunk. Shouldn’t you go home?”

She rubbed her cheeks on my shoulder like a cat. “I don’t know.” She purred.

“Yeah, that’s it. Here, I’ll walk you home.”

Her compound wasn’t too far from where the party was at, so it didn’t take that long for our drunken selves to get there, Maria, rambling the whole time about what a day she’d had.

“And here we are.” I said, as we reached her door. The compound was empty, with every other student asleep or gone for night studies.

Maria sat on the porch, eyes more half open than they usually were. “Could you just hang around for like 5 minutes for me to get composed before you leave?”

I shrugged and sat down next to her, also tired.

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“You’re so sweet.” Maria said, so softly, I barely heard her.

“What?” I asked.

“I said you’re so sweet.” She repeated. “I know you must have read Abigail’s texts and it’s getting to you, but it’s best if you don’t take it seriously because I’m sure she doesn’t mean for you to get hurt.”

I just shrugged and looked at her. She was looking at me, her face sexy as fuck. Something flickered in her eyes for like two seconds before she suddenly jumped me!

Furiously trying to make out but failing greatly. I too was having the same problems. Like, our lips barely met, even though she was sitting on my lap and holding my face. I was frustrated and confused, she was horny and high, so everything was just so sloppy and awkward.

Yet, it was the farthest I’d ever gone with a girl. I reached around and grabbed her firm round ass, squeezing it like a stress ball. It was the most comfortable thing about the situation, and it was worth it.

Just as quickly as she had attacked me, she passed out too, her head dropping to my shoulder.

I sighed. Oh well. Her keys were in her pocket, so I unlocked the door, laid her on the bed inside, and went home.

Written and composed by Xtremm


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