SADE MY LOVE 4 (complicated)

Sade My Love (complicated)

As I leave Sade side, na so I jejely go house, straight to bed. I no expect say she go say no to my advance. Base on the fact say, she been dey give me green or probably no be green light, na me just been dey see am from that angle.

Or maybe na initial gara gara. As pa say she no want make I think say she dey cheap,so she want form make she know whether I serious.

But I wonder why girls go dey do that initial gara gara thing. If u really love the guy, why u go stress am out?🙄🙄 Relationship wey go end, go end. Guy wey want chop u run, go chop u run. No need to form just free up.

E been get one of my Ex like that ,this babe been really stress me out when I been dey ask her out.
Na so she go see me snub me, I go call her ma, she go bounce my call. ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜
I been almost give up on the babe sha, but Las Las, she con fall for me, like kilode. The love wey she been con get for me, come pass my own. 
But at some points sha, I no know wetin con happen, she been con dey give me attitude. Na so I jejely free her way.

But as for Sade, From my depths of heart, I really gbadu the babe. Whatever, I go shoot my shot again. Na so I lock up, sleep for the night.
Make I get enough strength wake up early to prepare for work the next day.


Time na 6:00am, the alarm wan blow my ear with the Tekno music wey I set. I wake up, sharply do some clean up, brush, baff. Con dress up on my corper uniform. I no suppose comot for house with empty stomach, so I branch one “Mai Shayi ” wey dey neighbor hood, con order two indomie, two eggs.

As I dey wait for the indomie to ready, person tap me for back, as I turn guess who I see…


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