Sade My Love 3

As I reach house, mhen my stomach begin rumble, na 10 in the morning I eat last. So I sharply begin peel yam; I “gas” hurry up as I really need to see Sade that evening.
The weather been dey a bit hot and mosquitoes no want let person be. As I finish to dey peel, I wash the yam, gbam, I drop pot for fire. On a white yam with red oil level. I suspect say if I no chop before I go to see Sade that evening, I no go relate well. 😁😁

30 minutes later,i don eat, baff. Con wear T-shirt and blue jean. Na so I con perf myself with my special kind of perfume; meant only for the nose of Sade. 😍😍😍. Next na unto Sade house.

When I reach the house, she been don dey wait for me outside, 😘😘. Can’t wait to….. No worry u go soon find out, but no think am like the way I dey suspect say u don dey think am🙄🙄🙄
Na pure love.

“ hello fine wine! ” I drop my first line. She just begin dey smile, her lips paving way to a whitish display of her neatly arranged set of teeth. 😊😊
Clean bae to the core 👌👌

“hmmm Mike, Shey u don start with those your flowery words abi ”
🤗🤗🤗 “Sade no tell me say u don blush ”😋😋😋

“hahahhahahaha, no be by using flowery words ”

So I gently hold her hand, con waka with her go sit for the bench wey been dey by the wall in front of the house. I begin

“Sade, the truth be say, I dey get sleepless nights cos of you. Listen, beyond the curve and your looks, my heart go dey curved without you. ”

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She no talk, na so she sidoon, dey look me eyeball to eyeball.

“I know say u don get plenty energetic, good looking, smart toasters, but e get this special connection when I dey feel, whenever I dey around you. No lie babe. No be wash. ”
“ somebody once talk say, relationship dey more about chemistry than biology and true true, na wetin I dey feel ryt now. ”

When I finally calm now, she con smile. “Bros d bros, see just forget all this your yarn. I no believe in love. Any man wey dey tell me about love ba, him dey irritate me. ”

😢😢😢 dis one really weak me. Na so I sidoon speechless. So many questions running through my mind. Make I talk more? Or speak less?

“Sade… ”


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