Sade My Love 2

Na so maami con pause, look me. β€œ All these corpers wey una own na to sleep with any gal Una see.

β€œAaaaah” πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™† 
β€œmaami but no be every corper dey like that na. Besides good men with good intentions still dey exist. ”

β€œNa so ”

I no want prolong talk, I con take style tell maami say I want rush go toilet. β€œMummy, make I rush go house go toilet. ” Hmmmm the lie lie akara wey I buy, don even dey cool for my hand.

β€œCorper shoon ” My heart jump. Na d curvy babe wey dey give me joy. Omo, come see wetin she wear; tightly fitted crazy white jean with red mind blowing crop top.

Kai, no be small thing. Na so my heart fly comot for my chest. My eye balls steadily fixed on her curves. 
For my mind, she don be my wife already. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
Sade must kill me today. But no be even the curves matter dey capture me. E get something tantalizing about her voice; the free flow of breathe wey dey nourish her lips whenever she call my name. 
Awwww, she takes my breath away.

β€œSade, where you go, I been just dey ask of you from maami. ”

Na so she con burst out laf, β€œ Mike so u dey take style miss me abi. ”

I gently walk towards her direction, my gaze just dey on the amazing smiles wey valiantly light up her face, creating beautiful dimples on both sides of her soft cheek.
β€œSade make I go drop these stuffs for house first. We go talk when I return

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