Sade My Love 1

“corper shoon”
Na so this girl go dey shout those slangs every evening when she see me dey return from my place of assignment. 
No hard feelings, na so I go dey smile sheepishly .Mhen she fine die,with her sweet chocolate skin. She get killer curves wey go fit make blind man see instantly. Though at first, I been dey mind my business, but with time, I come dey dey attracted to her.

Na just normal street girl. Her mother dey fry akara every evening for front of the house, so the babe dey always dey with her Mum.

One fateful day as I dey return from work on my corper uniform as usual,expecting say I go see Sade dey fry akara with the mama for outside as usual ; to my shock na only the mama dey outside. Aaaaaaaaah!!! Wia dis chikala con carry her bizzy body go na 🙄🙄.
But nothing spoil sha. As a bad sharp guy na, I say make I skilfully go ask the mama wia her pikin dey.

“Good Evening Mummy ” I greet her dey smile. “good evening my pikin. how work today? ”

“fine maami. Maami I want 50 naira akara. ” All this 50 naira akara stuff na just cover up. Me na Sade I just want ask of. 
“ehe Maami, why Sade no dey with you today? ”

“Aaah, that one, na me dey force her to stay with me here ooo. That girl no like suffer ooo. She say she don be big girl now and she no want make all this small small boys con dey look her one kind. ”
😂😂😂😂😂 na so I con burst out dey laf Oooo.

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“Maami, but na true she talk ooo. Na big girl she be and at least she don ripe for marriage. ”

“Heheheheh, so u sef dey follow support her abi. E be like say you want marry her Shey. ”

“Aaah Maami, eeeh but even though I want marry her, no be crime na


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