Pondering Existence

Let Comfort Dwell With Those Who Truly Seek: A Samuel Jr Special

Thoughts spiral in circles, pondering existence
Worrying about what happens, or ignoring fate after darkness

Is life a vacation from nothingness?
Does my poems of two opposing paths brings more comfort- or less? Could it be- every thought is controlled by languages?
Not the independent -me-
Or is there more than one mindset, can we be freed?

Possibly dreaming forever in the end
More questions begin
Will I encounter the same souls again?
Did I choose this life I’m living in?

Possibly something has control over what we ponder
Everything may remain mystery after eternal slumber
All we see and feel, illusions -moans of thunder-
Absence of reality, hopeful or hopeless banter?
Purpose connected by wonder…

One day I will discover the truth of the matter
What a feat -was it worth it-
Did I choose this life I’m living in?

Written and Composed by Elixir Michael.

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