Lust 🔛Lost
Lost  #Myself to Lust
Found  #Myself after lust

Funny how we Most Times get LAID by PEOPLE who can’t lay a brick of Success to our now or future, what’s that man/lady hanging around you all day for, you most times spend your savings & daily earnings on him/her, probably the last time, the drinks was on you, is he/she worth the sacrifice for?

Please never mis-understand relationship for investment, a true partner would never be far fetched from your biggest influence & investor in all of your life’s relationships to life & purpose but at the moment, am seated here in the studio close to my laptop.

Musical recognition awards & few broken dreams which is quite  far from who I am now, but still I have been wondering why my sun hasn’t started shining & this thoughts hit me, what if my sun was already up but I was too blinded to notice because I most compared  #Myself to Anyone ELSE.

Yourself WOULD NEVER BE  #Myself
Myself  SHOULD NEVER BE   yourself
We all exist for a different purpose but only in love we achieve ourselves.

Written and Composed by Edache Daniels

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