Mystery Girl : Part 1

The End

Under the scorching sun,Trying to cram my life out before the exams…….My head goes up and i spot HER(Dark skin,smallish,very cute,long legs)This is my dream girl,my mystery girl, he tells himself…her friends called out to her,”ivy!!!hurry up”…atleast i got to know her name that day…….

The next day i saw her again and she was with her clique,i wanted to say ‘hi’,but i was scared shitless of the squad bouncing me off even before i could talk to her,so i was waiting for the right time(but we all know there is never a right time)

After a stressful day in class,i went to have a drink before class and i saw my mystery girl again, she was sitting in the cafeteria and i noticed she was all alone today,i thought to himself,”this could be my chance but what if she ignores me??” Then i took the bold step while she was reading a book,i coudn’t make out the title but it was a Shakespeare play and the closer i got i realised it was one of his lesser known writeups ‘Much ado about nothing’,i didn’t know much about the book but i knew just from the title it was book about overthinking and worrying like i was doing this exact moment instead of just talking to her so i just tried my luck and said a line from the book which i knew 100% didn’t exist just to get her attention,she looks up and tries to know who it is,but she didn’t. Then i said something again,and this time she knew it was me,i gave her a smile and she did the same,and immediately she got up and left. I had to do more research about my mystery girl but one thing was sure…..this was just the beginning.

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I am Damian by the way,i am not as cool as the other guys,but i ain’t that bad either,i am lanky and so everybody expects me to participate in a sport,but we know it’s only the good looking guys they pick,trying to register for a scholarship to my dream school,and in the requirements i found out i must be registered in a particular sport..i ended up picking football,i have been going for the practices and i think i am improving,we have a match against another school in a few days i hope i get to play atleast.

From what i’ve gathered about our mystery girl, her name is Ivy, she is a really beautiful,dark in complexion and is a bookworm(she just loves reading books),she has three close friends, Melissa, Jane and Rose.she isn’t the regular kind of girl(loving pink and all those girly stuffs),she isn’t also the clubbing kind of girl,she dresses according to how she feels daily according to a trusted source in the building, and finally she is majoring in theatre arts.

The day of the match came and we won the match comfortably but sadly i didn’t get to play again. After the match the boys decided to celebrate,i drank more than usual and i got really drunk because of my frustration,i blanked out and woke up in my room the next morning with a headbanging hangover..remembering i had a test that morning,i rushed to class,on my way i saw my mystery girl, i tried to say hello but she acted disgusted and annoyed at my sight and just shut me off..On reaching the class,i asked one of the teammates what had happened last night at the party after i blacked out,and they all started laughing and eventually told me that i puked on ivy…. MY MYSTERY GIRL…. while she was trying to escape from her friends and she ran out angrily, and when i asked if i had ran after her and apologised immediately but they all continued laughing hysterically…. it was at that moment i knew i had fucked up royally.

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To Be Continued……

Written and Composed by Lyn


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