My favourite memory of my school days was back in 300 level.

Gloria, Chisom, Paschal, Ada and Yemi–my crazy lodgemates– were all crammed up in my room. We were done with our exams and decided to spend at least a week in school before finding a way back home.

The first two days we just hanged out, gisting about the terror and stress of our exams in our various departments, recounting how wicked the invigilators were and how many people were caught while cheating.

Day three was a day of reminiscing. We dug up memories from 100 and 200 level and compared it to 300 level. Paschal made a jest of house flat and ‘straight’ the girls were in 100 level. Ada recounted the day Yemi tried to toast her.

The evening of day three was drinking night, we bought some bottles of hero and star radler and after a bottle or two, the games began. The plan was to spin the bottle a couple of times, ask some naughty questions and some stupid dares and–when we all got bored of it–call it a night.

” Truth or Dare?” Gloria asked Chisom, who had a bottle of star radler to her lips.

” Truth.” Chisom said with a small smile after taking her sip, ” If you like ask me another Yeye question like Paschal…just remember say your own turn dey come.” She added. This got the whole room laughing.

“Chisom I no dey fear you ooo, when your turn reach…do your worse.” Gloria shot back.

“Ordinary ‘ when last you fuck?’ you no fit answer.” Paschal said with a smirk on his face.

“No mind this girl o, na so so pretend she sabi pretend.” Yemi blurted, ” if una know Wetin I dey suffer every night when her guy come visit eh…” He shook his head slowly from side to side, “make I no just talk.”

“Talk ooo…you must talk today!” Ada raved, her clenched hands raised above her head with the index pointing towards the ground repeatedly.

“Una to dey talk…” Gloria barked with a stern look on her face, moving from Paschal to Ada, “make una allow me ask person question na!” She said in her baby voice.


“Nooo…leave them make they dey talk, especially this Paschal.” Chisom pointed a finger towards paschal, ” Shebi na because your room dey next to my own, you don dey feel like say your sabi me front and back abi? “

“Sabi Wetin? How I want take sabi back when you no even allow me enter front?” Paschal said innocently.

They all bursted out laughing, but It was Yemi who laughed so hard that he let out a fart and this led to another round of non-stop laughter.

“No worry,” Chisom said still laughing, ” I go open your nyash for here today.”

“Ah ah. Leave an innocent man’s nyash be na. Wetin e nyash do you?” I asked.

“Bayo help me ask am o.” Paschal uttered.

“Oya, it have do.” Gloria said facing Chisom, a naughty smile plastered on her face. ” if you had the chance to fuck anyone in this room, who would it be?”

My guys, who had their gazes fixed on Gloria, redirected their eyeballs to Chisom.

Chisom had a ‘who-are-these-ones-looking-at’ look on her face, before she cleared her throat and fixed a bright smile on her face.

” If….I could… fuck …anyone in this room.” Gloria said counting her words as she glanced at each face in the room, ” I would fuck….” she drawled, ” ADA!” She beamed.

” For wetin?” Ada retorted, ” I no be lez joorh!”

” This girl don dey crase small small.” I said, with a shake of my head.

” Shebi na ask who I go fuck…I don tell una.” Chisom said, folding her arms under her full chest.

” Abeg who is next?” Leave that girl, she no dey serious. ” Yemi said taking the empty bottle from the ground.

“Its me.” Ada said, sitting up to take the bottle from him. I watched as her boobs bounced slightly as she sat back down.

Ada spun the bottle and I watched as the green glass spinned furiously before the long neck of the bottle pointed towards me.

” You don enter today!” ” Ada jeered, ” oya pick one, truth or dare.”

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” Dare joorh.” I picked, even when i would have preferred truth. But the rule was that each person had to pick one truth and one dare interchangeably.

” I dare you to Kiss Gloria! ” Ada blurted out, giggling at the same time.

Gloria just rolled her eyes, ” You no wan receive sense this girl,” Then with laser eyes directed at me, ” Don’t even think about it.”

I wasn’t.

The only person i wanted to kiss was sitting in between Paschal and Chisom, biting down her lips to stifle her laughter.

” Na just kiss na…” Yemi cajoled.

” Na your kiss?” Her eyes were bulging out, aimed to kill the person at the receiving end.

“Haba, no need to fight, Just drop the 2H make we continue.” Paschal interceded.

” Ada you sef, your own crase no dey market o.” Chisom said with a smile on her lips.

” Abegi…its just for fun.” Ada retorted.

Gloria dug her hand in her back pocket and brought out a 200 naira note.

” Who is next.” Gloria barked.

“Ha…easy o, we are not the enemy.” Yemi said all cheerily as he picked up the bottle to spin. The bottle landed on Ada and that led to an uproar.

Karma never fails to deliver.” Gloria said, with her 32 present for all to see.

“Yemi, you know say na me dey give you food pass anybody for this lodge ba?” Ada said in a quiet voice, that made everyone laugh.

“Sister, I dey go house next week, so you can keep your food! Shebi this time around is dare?” Yemi asked.

“Yes ooo” Gloria answered for Ada, all the while snickering.

Yemi looked directly at Ada with an innocent smile.” Ada I dare you to kiss Bayo.”

” Yemi you sabi! ” Gloria cheered.

” Sabi Wetin?” Paschal sneered, ” Yemi you no see me? na only Bayo dey here?”

“Abeg free my guy.” I looked at Ada, my brows wriggling, ” I’m ready when you are.”

“Mtcheeeeew… you go wait tire.” She brought out a squeezed 100 naira note from her pocket and forced it into Yemi’s closed hands, ” I’ll bring the remaining one later.” She mumbled.

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” Noooo…bring am now.” Yemi roared, his eyes twinkling, ” Or just kiss the guy.”

The whole room kept quiet as we watched Ada. She had her thinking face on– her eyes looking at nothing in particular as she bit her lower lip.

” Fine.” She muttered as she moved towards me.

I wasn’t the only one surprised by her answer. Yemi had both hands firmly pressed to his chest with mouth wide agape. Paschal stood up and walked to the kitchen and washed his face before returning and asking Gloria to pinch him to confirm he wasn’t in a dream. Gloria on the other hand just had a quiet smile dancing on her lips, it was certainly not like her to keep quiet.And Chisom kept shouting “Its a lie!” repeatedly.

I swallowed hard, my heart racing. Not everyday a guy gets to have make a wish and have it come true.

Ada squatted Infront of me, her face a few inches from mine.

” Make your hand no go were e no suppose go o.” Ada warned as her lips moved closer to mine.

” Is she really going to kiss him?” Chisom muttered when everyone finally settled down.

” Sssssssh!” Gloria looked sternly at Chisom, her index finger to her lips.

Her lips were soft, that was the first thought that came to my mind when they pressed against mine. It wasn’t a perk on the lip( that I was actually expecting), it was as if Ada wanted the kiss more than I did.

I parted her lips with my tongue and she let me, and that was when I knew she wanted me just as bad as I wanted her.

” E don do naaaaa….” Paschal wailed.

“I don’t understand what’s going on here o.” Yemi added.

Ada broke of the kiss and quietly returned to her sitting position. I can’t remember what happened for the remainder of the game, cause all my attention was on Ada.



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