Making Mistakes

Making Mistakes

In our age and time mistakes are frowned upon. You fail a question in your test and your whole family criticizes you;  you misplace a given item and all hell breaks loose; basically anything you do wrong is mostly met with anger.

But we’ve forgotten that the best way we learn is from mistakes. Even as babies, we were only able to walk because we fell so many times, each fall teaching us to walk better.

Thomas Edison, the inventor of the Light bulb made 1000 mistakes before he eventually figured it out.

Jonas Edward Salk, the man who found the vaccine for Polio made a good number of mistakes before he figured it out.

So make your own mistakes and figure out your own path. Be it in school or in your work or in your relationship, Whatever area of life that you are in right now, don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

I’m not saying you just purposely make mistakes just in an act to learn…no. Go about your everyday life, do things with good intention to do them well, but when things don’t go to well, don’t beat yourself up, take that unexpected turn of event–the mistake–learn from it and use that knowledge to do the right thing.

Its hard to remember that its okay to make mistakes in this generation of ours that bury the effort, time and mistakes it took for them to achieve their success and display only the success stories–but remember regardless.

Mistakes are a part of the learning process of life.

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Make lots of them. Learn from them. Grow from them. And live life to the fullest.


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