Lucifer :A Litwish Poetry Collaboration

love is a woman

Glory dribbled, crowned an angel,
His collar sprung luminescence, shone like a reborn scarlet;
An impeccable being garnished with tinsel,
Whose wings soared over deceit’s helmet;
Lucifer! The one true abominable Prince,
The spotless arch with a tarred asphalt,
Made of gold and carrier of Kings:
You smelt fine like brewed malt.
( Edache David Ogah)

Leader of rebels, by whose aid aspiring to set himself in glory above his peers.
With Ambitious aim against the throne and monarchy of God,
He thought of the impossible!
He wanted Michael, Raphael and Gabriel to bow before him,
Wanted equally with the Most High.
He raised impious war in heaven against his Lord.
But HIM the Almighty Power,
Hurled Lucifer headlong from ethereal skies down to bottomless perdition.
( Anthony Agbo)

Seraphs watch him fall from cashmere clouds
With his evanescent light peeling off his winged shoulders.
Once an Angel? Perhaps a beguiling shroud
Deceitful to each beholder.
Despite beauty and intelligence you reeked of folly;
For a child cannot steal his father’s gold crown.
Watch him descend with pride-tainted glory:
Be braced! A morning star comes falling down.
(Samuel Jr.).

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