love is a woman

The brightest of light they say comes from within
Her smile is a warmth, e go make u feel like pikin

Her softness is not a weakness, she can be as strong as a soldier
Deep inside she loves you, but she go pretend like say you be stranger.

She can clean the house, serve your food and still wash your stuffs without complain.
If you no love that kind woman, bros tell me na Wetin u gain?

You are cheating on her, and be forming jagaban, for your mind you’re winning.
She knows all your moves, she just loves you unconditionally

She go give you listening ears and tell you all about her feelings.
She will make you laugh and give you that heavenly feeling.

She might not always say the words “I love you ”
But deep down with the eyes of her heart all she sees is you.

You fit call her old school, but she better pass those “oloshos wey no go school.
She’s pretty and dresses neatly like the girls in high school.

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