Love Conquers All : A Review Tale

Love Conquers All : A Review Tale

Here’s a lesson I want you to learn from CONOR’S and DEE’S beautiful love story. Conor was a fighter. A broke guy with a big mouth who was passionate about fighting.

It was love at first sight when he first met Dee at a club. Same lady who was to later become “the love that drove him to Success.” She was older than him but she was so in love with the fact that he made her laugh.

Conor only earned $2500 a year from fighting but it was his dream to fight professionally, so he quit his plumbing job to follow his dreams.. His parents were furious but he told them he would someday become a millionaire. Dee Loved his dedication and believed that he could realize his dreams.

He said “ She stuck by me when I had essentially absolutely nothing… I only had a dream that I was telling her ”

Dee worked full time to support her partner and even made him follow proper diet and drove him to the gym everyday.

Conor lost his third fight and almost quit, but Dee stopped him and reminded him of his dreams.

When his breakthrough came and he finally became a celebrity, Dee quit her job to travel with him as he fought his way around the world, winning championships and fights. He said “ if it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. ”

She takes care of everything so Conor could focus on coming fights.

Conor maybe one of the worlds greatest fighter but he owes his success to Dee, his dedicated partner. It was Dee’s dedication and selflessness to their love that pushed him to ultimate success. He said “ For me to be able to give her everything she’s ever wanted, fills me with pride. It keeps me going. Though most time Dee sits by the ring to see the love of her life fight, she gets scared ,but she she’s glad he achieved his dreams.

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This beautiful love story makes one understand that Love is not a noun but a verb. It’s more of an action than mere definition.

And if we find that one person who takes there time to invest in our dreams, we should never let them down.

True love inspires us to be better, to reach for our dreams. If it doesn’t inspire you, let it go.


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