Love And Lust

Love And Lust

Due to his love the beach,
He visits with her every day.
He plays with her,
And decorates her
With beautiful sandcastles
Each time he visits.

One day,
The sea saw him from afar
And she fell in love with him.
She whispered his name
But he did not answer
So she took a stroll to the beach to woo him.

She came to him in a smooth golden cloak
She mixed words
Like a witch who whips out spells.
Her words enchanted him
And he fell in LUST with her.

(His LUST for the sea overpowered his LOVE for the beach)

‘come with me
And i will show more of me’ said the sea.
When he was about leaving,
The beach held his hands
And begged him not leave.

He followed the sea to her home,
They played till the night came.
And when it was time for him to go home,
The sea refused,
Her love for him had turned into obsession,
She wanted him all to herself
So she drowned him.

Now in silence,
She lingers beside him all night wishing
She had never wooed him.

After many days,
She got tired of his lifeless body;
She realized all she felt for him was
Just INFATUATION and not true love
So she throw his beach.

When the beach recieved his body,
Colors of dark grey and black filled her heart;
No other feeling could possibly be worse than this.
Where was once a room filled with laughter and cheer,
Now stands loneliness, emptiness and despair
’cause a boy chose LUST over LOVE



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