Love: A Spoken Word Edition

The Four Of Us : part 7

In order to hear Love’s words, you must allow Love to approach.
However, when it does draw near, we fear what it might say to us,
because Love is free and is not ruled by our will or by what we do.
All lovers know this but refuse to accept it. They think they can
seduce Love through submission, power, beauty, wealth, tears, and

True Love, however, is the love that seduces and will never allow
itself to be seduced.
Love transforms, Love heals. But sometimes it lays deadly traps and
ends up destroying the person who decided to surrender himself
completely. How can the force that moves the world and keeps the
stars in their places be at once so creative and so devastating?
We are used to thinking that what we give is the same as what we
receive, but people who love expecting to be loved in return are
wasting their time.

Love is an act of faith, not an exchange.
Contradictions are what make love grow. Conflicts are what allow
love to remain by our side.
Life is too short for us to keep important words like “I love you”
locked in our hearts.

But do not always expect to hear the same words back. We love
because we need to love. Otherwise, love loses all meaning.
And yet, even when Love does not appear, we remain open to its
presence. Sometimes, when loneliness seems about to crush
everything, the only way to resist is to keep on loving.

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Written and composed by FleekDude


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