Lock Your Door

love is a woman

Amaka barged into my room then shouted, “knock knock” in her tiny baby voice. It was one of her many habits, one that I’ve pleaded with her on several occasions to stop so as not see what was not meant for her eyes.

I was with my hands inside my boxers when Amaka came in, holding my phone close to my face, my eyes strained on the screen as it tried to capture every moan the actress  made as he thrust into her, imagining it was me that plunged into her dripping cat, that swallowed her moans with a kiss while my hands fondled her hard cherry nipples. I got harder each time she begged for more, stroking myself with greater ferocity, my orgasm drawing near.

An orgasm that died the moment Amaka came in.

I pulled my hands out of my boxers as soon as I heard her “mouth Knocks”, a scowl on my face directed at the unwanted visitor, who had a mischievous smile on her face.

“Hmmm.” Was all she said, her eyes fixed on my boxers, my dick still slightly hard underneath.

“Amaka! Amaka!! Amaka!!! I dey warn you o! Learn how to knock before you dey enter my room, today na the last time I go tell you.” I said with as much false bravado as I could muster. This wasn’t the first time I’d warned her and as if she read my thoughts she burst out laughing.

“Abegi, no be today I start to dey hear that your warning, besides it’s not the first time I’ve seen you jerking off, so stop acting like it’s a big deal.” She said as she sat on my bed, her boobs bouncing In the process, two large boobs that were almost spilling out from her tight polo in all their bra-less glory.

“That’s my point exactly!” I growled.

She shook her head slowly from side to side, the same way one shakes a head for a stubborn child, while clapping her hands rhythmically to her head movement.

” Bayo, If you didn’t want me seeing the cozy relationship between your hand and your ‘John thomas’, you will lock your door. Simple ” She said.

“No just go there cos I go finish you,” I said standing up, my anger reaching its peak, “so for this kind hot Lafia weather, you expect me to close main door? The net door way I close never do?” I was screaming at this point, but Amaka just remained calm, her smile a constant feature on her oval face.

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“But that’s the thing, when you only close net door, people outside like myself will think nothing is happening inside.” I sat down at this point, tired from my hard earned interrupted cum, and the fact that I could see more of her boobs. I was getting hard again.

“Oya answer this question, if to say you bring your babe come house and two of una dey do, you go close only your net door?” She laid emphasis on the ‘do’ and giggled when I glared at her.

My gaze shifted to her boobs that bounced wildly as she laughed, but quickly retired to he face.

I was hard.

A pillow was in between me and her, I drew closer to the pillow and then as if I was looking for my phone, placed the pillow on my laps and then did some more searching for like three seconds before I returned my gaze to her, abandoning the fake search. I took a deep breath, trying to calm the hard dick that threatened to tear out of my boxer, rather than my nerves.

“Amaka,” I said as softly as I could, the last thing I wanted to do was to make her laugh some more, ” na only the net you dey see? My big curtain way cover the net nko? So yes, I fit close just the net door plus my curtain and fuck my babe correct fuck! You know why? because na my privacy; even if the net door and curtain dey open, you got no right to just enter like that –say wetin happen? “

She laughed hard. I got harder, my dick throbbing, my boxers surving on It’s last stitch.

“See Bayo, leave all that your lawyer talk, no be only you go school,” She said still laughing, ” na 9ja we dey, so no dey talk this kind thing for outside. Just give me sugar make I dey go, hunger wan tear my belle” She added.

“How about I stop talking and show you” I said, moving towards her at the same time.

“Huh?” Was the last thing she said before I took her lips in mine.

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Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t brave o, I’m weak as fuck, the kind of guy that only makes a move when the green light is at it’s brightest and Amaka illuminated red. So when I kissed her i shocked not only Amaka but also myself.

When i broke off from the kiss I braced myself for the famous slap Amaka was well known for in our lodge, the one that made you see stars, felt like a thousand bee stings and left a palm print so visible it was as if your face grew a palm overnight.

I lowered my head, my eyes fixed on my hands on the pillow as a wave of guilt washed over me.

“I’m sorry.” I muttered after long seconds passed without she saying anything.

My gaze was still strained on my hands when I felt her hand move under the pillow until it got hold of my dick. I took in a sharp breath as she stroked it with an expertise I’d only experience in my dream.

“Don’t stop!” She purred.

Those two words opened the flood gates of desire as I grabbed her breasts–which were as soft as fuck– and fondled them gently, both hands struggling to grab the fullness. I was arching to taste her, to suck on her nipples that grew hard under my touch, to lay her on the bed and fuck her while she screamed my name, but this was an opportunity I wasn’t sure I would get again, so I decided to take things slow, to enjoy every moment.

She drew me in for a kiss with her left hand, her fingers tracing lines at the back of my neck while the right hand kept pumping me closer to cumming.

She tasted of mint, that’s what I thought as my fingers travelled to her cat. I inserted one finger, starting with the middle finger, then two, while my thumb massaged her clit simultaneously. Her cat was warm and tight, grasping my finger as I finger fucked her, exploring her centre with a slow tempo that increased with each thrust, while enjoying her sensual quiet moans that I swallowed as we kissed. She broke off the kiss, gasping for air as she moaned louder and her pleas more frantic.

Free from her lips, I took her nipples in my mouth and sucked on them, bitting slightly occasionally. She quivered, her head thrown backwards, her back arched as her moans got intense and her hold on my dick got firmer as I came.

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After catching my breath, I looked at her to see the same mischievous smile dancing on her lips. I removed my finger from her dripping pussy and kissed her hard, her hands encircled my neck, while mine grabbed her ass; ass that was soft like fresh agege bread.

” You are amazing.” I whispered into her ears after breaking the kiss, handjob had rebooted my talk to clear English.

“I know,” She whispered back, “Now fuck me.”

This got a quiet groan from me, my limp dick already gaining vigor.

I kissed her lips again, then her neck, moved gradually to her collar bone, dropping soft kisses that I trailed to her wet cat. The scent from her cat was getting me hard as I licked, sucked and bit on her clit. She tasted salty and sweet.

I got high from just seeing her shuddering and trembling under my touch. She grabbed my sheets as she moaned and begged for me not to stop, calling my name in different pitches –from soprano to tenor and back to soprano.

Just like with the porn, I got harder as she kept pleading, her moans music to my ears.

She screamed when she came, her whole body vibrating fiercely for close to a minute. For a second I was scared she was convulsing, but dismissed the thought when her breath started to calm down.

I looked at her to see a weak smile on her face when she was finally still, breathing heavily, a satisfied look on her face.

“Now I’ll fuck you.” I said as I spread her legs open to see the glistering wetness of her cum. I placed a finger inside, playing with her g-spot briefly before I settling in between her laps and plunged into her sweetness, a sharp moan escaped her lips.

She was tight, her pussy accommodating my every length, as I fucked her with both of her hands held firmly above her head.

As I banged her, I looked briefly at the curtain that swayed gently from the evening breeze, exposing my net door, and I knew that it would be the last time that Amaka would barge into my room.

Written and Composed by Suga


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