Hope & Trust Issues

The Four Of Us : part 7

Truly i wont lie,i always prayed to be famous, no regrets ,hate, disrespect or passion but you can be all you pray to be without the help of ,your ,my or our local churches but this all is the evils we or i alone is battling,i pain to see you all hours in church & pay less attention to our daily relationships.

I may be truly too young to advice or speak to but i know what it means to lose a loved for i still haven’t forgotten our family dog which died @ 13 years of age,maybe she went to early but its no guess to say most churches haven’t truly loved a soul for 13teen days.

Waiting on God to make it up to me but his been asking if i have been faithful to her or my local church first & this has put me in more days of waiting,friends growing into betrayal but am still thankful  in the midst of this all are Growing pains.

#Hope_And_Trust_issues ,speaking from the place of hope but many unanswered prayers, could the heavens be sleeping or the demons sieving my prayers & letting only the chaffs get to heaven.

Am sure God Answers all prayers but lets discuss,the truth,the pain,the guilt,the pastors who are not good leaders and the bad leaders who want to be good pastors.

Hope_And_Trust_issues is the page of my heart which am reading from, do you engage with me???.can we talk??????


Written and Composed by Edache Daniels

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