Home: A Poet’s Edition

love is a woman
Home: A Poet's Edition

A dream,is it? hmm,, I don’t know. 
Is it what I think of while asleep.
Hmmm,, I don’t know, 
Home,, home,, Home.. 
Home it was and is… This place

From whence the ones 
Who where where once seeds
From the loins of another 
grew to bear me as a seed from their loins
From whence I first felt the cool breeze 
On my face, that made me almost freeze
With joy and inner peace 
From whence, I first heard the sweet 
Chirping and singing of birds in tweets
From whence school of fish
Swam that we may feed 
And not die of hunger and need 
From whence the grains sprout with ease
From the soil, just to please 
From where I saw the dawn
Graced with women and children ,cackling and laughing 
Carrying basins and bowls to streams
And men to the farms

No.. No..i don’t know? 
Home? Home? I don’t know
Today the earth cries out.. 
Ooooh, I see her with blood shot eyes, 
I see them with no limbs wriggling in pain
Oh I see children ripped of their innocence 
Blood everywhere…. 
No fishes, no birds singing like an orchestra 
The breeze so stale it chokes

The dawn graced with darkness and blood
Shrieks, cries, wails for help from young and old 
I hear the voices, from bleeding hearts I see pain 
I see no life
We wander, we wander 
Now…… I see nothing, I see nothing.. 
Is it home? Will it remain home? 
Home? Home? 
I don’t know

Written and composed by BlackRose

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