Happy Valentine : An Xtremm Special

Happy Valentine : An Xtremm Special

The other person Maria introduced me to was Sandra. And she was the only one so far who actually wanted to be a model. I met her at one of those departmental pageants held in school for no more reason than just socialising and publicity.

Now, there were about a dozen pretty girls who pranced and posed and danced all over the stage for the two hours we were there, and I knew my friends’ reputation for being friends with the prettiest girl in any given room. However, it seemed farfetched that the person they brought me to see was the long bottle of premium wine whose fair skin and large eyes outshined the other girls by such a long shot that they (other girls) seemed to know deep down that they were only competing for second place. Compared to the rest however, she couldn’t dance for shit.

Sandra had legs like a ballerina, shoulders like a cheerleader, eyes like a princess, curves like a racetrack, lips like a pornstar, and charisma like a Prima Donna.

When we went backstage, I just wasn’t composed enough to meet someone like her. I fumbled over words and practically struggled to breathe properly. And when she hugged me (apparently, she knew all about me already and was in on the teasing game the rest were playing)… My brain gave up the ghost. I just stood there in her embrace, eyes wide, arms stiff beside me. It’s embarrassing just to think about it. The four girls just kept on laughing. And I just kept quiet for the rest of the night, blushing permanently.

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Sandra spent her days and nights thinking ‘fashion’. She had a sewing machine at home with which week in week out, she made the raddest dresses, she was a pro make up artist, and she knew the names of like a hundred models and fashion designers.

Unknowingly, our group had somehow managed to have almost every existing kind of personality trait in just five people.February rolled around and was already full of activity.

Sandra, who had been coming to school from home rented a place on campus and moved in, Jenny dyed her hair blonde, Abigail started to learn sewing and Maria broke up with her boyfriend.

Oh yeah… Maria was the only one among the girls with a boyfriend. And he was a piece of shit. He talked shit, was obnoxious as fuck, and we all hated him. We had all hung out some times with him around but he could easily be the most annoying guy I’d ever met. None of us knew what Maria saw in him but we wish she didn’t. He had a lot of money, drove a nice car, and had a well sculpted body. But to say he was dumb as a rock would be an insult to rocks worldwide. So there was no doubt he either had rich parents who gave him the car and money, or he was a fraudster, or a cultist, or a combination of two or all of the above. Jennifer spat whenever he left our presence.

We had to conclude that she was with him because of the amount of weed and booze he had but ever since she swore off weed, they started to argue more and hang out less. In the end, they broke up. And we couldn’t be happier!

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Obviously, she wasn’t heartbroken or anything, but she was suddenly so lonely. It was so obvious, and being Maria, she didn’t hide it. She just needed time and we had to be there for her.

She and I became closer than ever. I would be done with lectures and go over to her class to sit with her till she was done. We ate our meals and studied together. For like a week, no one was likely to see one of us without the other. Some of my guys started to ask if she was now my girlfriend or something.

Apparently, while we were just going about our days, we were drawing some unwanted attention.

On the 12th, we’d both been done studying in class and headed home over to Abigail’s where Maria wanted to sleep that night. It was about 11pm so I just hugged her goodnight, said hello to Abigail — whose braless boobs were all over the place in her plain white t-shirt, and headed over to my place.

About halfway through my near-midnight stroll home, two people creepily appeared out of the shadows, and stood in the middle of the path. I knew something was about to go very wrong, so I stopped moving. They stood in place, so for a few seconds, we all just stared at each other’s silhouettes.

I didn’t hear anyone come up from behind me, so the blow to my head was a big surprise, knocking me forward. The second one hit my back and I fell face first to the floor. I remained prone, protecting my head with my hands while I received kicks to my ribs.

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The assault lasted just a few seconds but actually felt like an eternity.

When they’d had their fill, they lifted me a bit and positioned my head so that I faced forward. One of them was standing in front of me. It was dark but I was sure of who it was.

“Happy Valentine.” He said, and punched me in the face.

They all hurried away.

Written and Composed by Xtremm


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