Everything You Need To Know About The Potential Game Changing Google Stadia: In 3 Minutes Or Less

Everything You Need To Know About The Potential Game Changing Google Stadia: In 3 Minutes Or Less

So Google announced in their most recent GDC about their new,exciting and potentially game changing product called google stadia for all avid gamers out there. This is everything you need to know about the new google stadia from pros and cons to price and controller difficulty and also actual release date.

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Google Stadia Announcement

Apparently, one morning, google executives woke up and decided that people would like to stream their AAA games directly to a TV rather than use a console. Yes, yes, kudos to them since it seems to make everything easier. I mean, I don’t have to own a console, or a game disc. I would only need a game controller and a smart tv.

Actually, I think that’s dope, as long as it’s affordable and works for me as much as everyone else because it brings everything together for a gamer. With one account, one can have his games, streams, and gaming communities in one place. But hey. What happens to Sony and Microsoft and Twitch and… and… I guess it’s too early to ask, maybe.

Litwish review about Google stadia

If you’re reading this, I’d like to guess that you’re interested in this topic and have your own thoughts about the whole thing. And they are thoughts you’re totally entitled to because there are tons of reasons to be both skeptical and excited about this game streaming service.

Come to think of it. What’s there to not be excited about?

You play games directly from the cloud, on any device that has a screen and Chrome, and an internet connection, you don’t have to wait to go back home to your console or pc, you don’t need to install anything, you don’t need to download updates. It’ll just be like going to youtube and playing a video.

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Google Stadia Stats

But most of the time, at least here, whenever youtube is mentioned, buffer usually comes to mind because hey, poor and expensive internet. So, I begin to wonder how – if the service gets up and running and it finally gets to Africa – I would manage to use Stadia because even speed I consider to be pretty fast, most likely wouldn’t be able to run a game for me without reducing the resolutions. Stadia has been praised for being capable of streaming at 4k and 8k resolutions. I’ve never even streamed at 1080p since obviously, data is expensive and I’d probably die by buffer. So, would I be so desperate to play PES or FIFA on Stadia that I wouldn’t mind playing on a resolution where I can barely even see the ball?

Also, would I want to be spending big money on data to play the games even after I’ve spent the money to buy them? Wait. How much would games cost on Stadia? How much would Stadia even cost? Which games would even be available? Since I can just click ‘Play Now’ at the end of a youtube trailer, does that mean these games would be free? Won’t ‘Crowd Play’ be… crowded? Like with trolls, etcetera?

There’re tons of questions really, but we can’t give any verdict(s) till it’s launched and we get hands on. Would it perform as well as we and google expects? Would it be affordable? We can only wait.

Litwish reviews
Official Logo For Stadia

While they’re at it though, could they add VR games so we’ll test how a beta Ready Player One Oasis would feel like. 

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Anyways its easy to sit here and muse about what the new google stadia,the price, the entire gaming platform,controller cost etc when it comes into emergence later this year but one thing is for sure, all gaming fans out there can’t wait for what the future holds for all games and technology in general. It’s a good time to be alive.


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