Episodes In My Head

The End

A heart that loves is indeed a temple of treasures,
there is no such thing as love conquers all,
unconditional love, it can only be a rhyme not reality
Love can triumph over the world but not jealousy,
Jealousy,these thing I hate,jealousy
Oh lover of mine, I hate the graves of your exes.

The heart that forgets
a mind that never creates images
where can I get such treasures, I can kill to make it mine
it keeps replaying, your moments,your hours of flirting
cellotaping each glass I break ,my heart refuses to mend
oh painter of mine, with no reward shall u work if my brush touches another board.

I can see ticks in your meal
your palm grows hair, unravel the secrets nd lies
am not a murderer permit me to slice de throats of ur perts
I will chase away your laughter but am not a runner
till I make u nothing u will be everything with me
Oh plumber of mine, let your pipes work at my command.

Oh lover of mine, love me right
Oh painter of mine, paint me with tactics
Oh plumber of mine, furnish my heart
Oh singer of mine, let me be ur lyrics
I think too far with a short sight
Ignore my naiveness, am aware of ur hints.

The things you do ignorantly
ignorance hurts,you smiled at her
the other girl, the girl you call
I can’t stop being delusional
All the reasons I hate u are in my head
Oh lover of mine, pardon my accusations, all is fair in love.

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