Eager Valentine: A Special Edition

love is a woman

I woke up before my alarm, not because I was an early riser, the opposite actually, but because today isn’t an ordinary day; its Valentine’s Day.

I jumped down from bed and raced to the bathroom to brush and shower. I don’t know what kind of bath person you are, but I’m mostly the sing and dance type.

Let me explain: I’m not a good singer, but I’m not a bad one either, but notwithstanding I never sing for people, NEVER, but my bathroom is my safe place, its the place where I can go off key, high key and even low key and the world would still be round; no cracks, so as you can expect me spending a good amount of time in between my Adeles and Beyonce, but on this faithful day I took not more than 3 minutes to bathe.

Segun had refused to come over the day before, maybe its because he didn’t want to ruin the surprise he had planned for me. I was a big fan of surprises, trust me, and since its Segun we are talking about, My boyfriend of 2 years, I was sure his surprise was going to be grand…as grand as his pocket.

I was a little surprised that i hadn’t received any text from Segun that morning, I mean, being Valentine i was expecting my phone to be buzzing with Hot, Romantic messages from him, but when i checked my phone for the trillionth time just before I got into my car, There was no message.

We had planned to meet at his place and from there proceed to the Surprise Venue. It was normally a thirty minute drive, but today it was longer. I would have thought that Lagos traffic would show a little mercy on a special Day as Valentine’s Day, but I was wrong.

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“Baby, where are you?” I called out as soon as I opened Seguns house with my own spare key “Babyyyyyy…where you dey na?” Still no answer from Segun.

I went up the stairs to his room only to see a sleepy Segun squinting his eyes to look at me.

“Babe? what are you doing here this early? Is everything Okay?”

My jaw dropped, he had forgotten

“Please tell me you are joking right now?” I said, my voice a pitch higher than my normal tone.

“Joking…joking about what?” He asked rubbing his left eye with his left hand, an act I considered adorable until today– it irritated the hell of me.

“How the hell do you forget about one of the most important days in February?”

He stared at me as though I’d grown an extra head, then his gaze moved from my well styled hair, my red gown that held me In all the right places with my silver shoe, and burst out laughing.

“Chai! babe…is this how much you like Valentine?” He said in between more laughter.

I was confused and angry all at once

“See, better explain yourself now before I unleash hell on you Mr man” I yelled

He just laughed some more, shaking his head left and right as though he had caught a little child stealing meat from the pot.

“Madam ‘Hell unleasher’ check today’s date…. its 13th February”

I froze. I’ve heard about how people mix up date, its even happened to me, but that was when I was a little girl. There was no way Old me could do that…right?

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I picked my phone from my bag, slowly raised it to my face with shaky hands to confirm something I already felt true.

13th February was clearly display on my phone screen.

I slumped on his bed, angry that I took a day off work for nothing and worse still, wore my new dress on a wrong date.

Segun didn’t stop laughing for one bit, except when he had to catch his breath.

Maybe this is God’s way of showing me Segun’s real character… What do you think?

Anyways, this ladies and Gentleman is how Old woman like me was trying to bring Valentine’s Day to 13th of February.

The end.

Written and Composed by Suga


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