Draw My Attention


The story started as the University did. Well, second semester anyway.

I could say I’d gotten a lot used to the whole university life to an extent where it wasn’t so awkward for me. And I mean this in non-academic aspects. I had a few friends for different things including video games, movies, study, and watching basketball. I even went to fellowship.

It was good. The only thing I hadn’t gotten in par with at the time was the girls.

They came in all shapes, colours, and sizes and just overpopulated the place. Sometimes, I was just happy to be there, ogling some round ass or stealing glances at some deep cleavage. But knowing fully well that I would not be getting a piece of any. Reason is simple – I was a skinny, shy, loner who kept a rough afro and listened to rock music. Only someone like me would go out with me. But I wasn’t looking at girls in that category because come on… No one does.

The only thing I was good at was drawing. I wasn’t great, but I was better than most people and everyone I know. And little did I know that that was what I needed.

It all started with Abigail, a light-skinned buxom bombshell who instead of hustling a career that plastered pictures of that body in magazines all over the place, she was there with us in school, studying Biology. For someone like me, she was the most intimidating thing, perfectly designed to short circuit my brain and fuck with my motor functions. She was tall and gorgeous, with a smile that clearly showed that a little devil lived inside of her, and a figure that I can only liken to a Coke bottle (the tall one, given her height). But what really weakened my knees where her boobs. Huge gigantic bags of pure joy. The type we always said could cause accidents. And they once did.

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Our friendship began one really hot afternoon when no one was in the mood for lectures really but we dragged ourselves to class anyway.

I was sitting at the back of the crowded lecture theatre, a multitude of fellow late comers standing behind me. They all had no seats. A couple of rows to the right, on the far side, Abigail (also having no), leaned against a desk.. Being taller than everyone close to her and having the light from the window behind her as a backdrop, she looked like a fucking goddess!

I was bored and I couldn’t even hear what the lecturer was saying and I didn’t care. So I flipped to the back of notebook and started to draw. Usually, my drawings didn’t come as good as that did without me erasing over and over but that day, all lines were just perfect. I didn’t know I was putting on a show for the other students standing behind me, so I also didn’t know that they had Chinese-whispered the thing all the way to where she was.

Sexy girl with big boobs low cut t-shirt and cleavage
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When the lecture ended and people hurriedly filed out, I remained in my seat, stuffing searching my backpack for my earphones. By the time I found them, the hall was practically empty and I was sorting through my phone to play the perfect song for my mood (any rock song really). Suddenly…


I turned around and from my position, was almost eye level with a very familiar set of tits! Above them, she was grinning down at me, eyes glittering and all.

The shock that went through my body! I wasn’t prepared for that na! My phone fell out of my hand, I went to catch it before it hit the floor, but lost hold of my bag which was still open, and I still missed the phone, which hit the floor, causing the battery compartment to open and the battery to fall out. All that was then covered in books from my bag.

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She was laughing so hard behind me. The sound, really hard to describe. It was sweet, but in my current situation, it just felt wrong, so I could say it sounded like Minnie Mouse giggling, when drunk. I threw my hands up in frustration and stood up.

“Hi.” I said. “I uh… I didn’t hear you coming.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I startled you.”

“Nah, it’s okay.” I was so nervous. My voice sounded like it was coming form a walkie talkie. “I’m Mel.”

“Yeah, I know that.” She said, her smile like early morning sun. “I’m Abi–”

“Abigail. I also know that.”

She laughed some more. “So, you drew me.”

I proceeded to show her the picture and boy was she excited. Almost too excited even, insisting that she wanted to keep it.

We then chatted for a while about drawing and school and stress and heat, and I walked with her to her house before heading back to mine, her number saved on my phone. It turned out that all my nervousness was kind of baseless given how easy going and down to earth she was. We texted eachother for hours everyday and we hung out a whole lot – she insisting that she wanted to learn how to draw. I didn’t know much to teach, but it would be idiotic to say no. She was extremely easy to get along with, but she was also a pro teaser simply because she could, and she liked to see people’s reactions and during that time, it was practically exclusive to me.

Since we both liked drawing and had a mad sense of humour, our talks were super interesting and whether live or on WhatsApp, I was also just super satisfied with having someone like that enjoying being with me


Written And Composed by Xtremm



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