Dear Beautiful.


Dear Beautiful,
Matchless in radiance,
Priceless in worth.

Your mild touch better described as warm.
Soul touching serenades twinkling from the heart. Recreating blissful memories from the past.

The aura of your presence creates an ambience sweeter than the sweet smell from a blue rose ,Oooh maybe a red one

Where do I find the words? Oooh,
Right there beyond the cross-walls, neatly inscribed on a flipped page of your tender heart. I LOVE YOU.

So you ask, β€œdo you love me?”isn’t that question rhetorical? Without the words, I love u better than the word L.O.V.E. Love without questions.

The friendliness in your touch creates in me ripples of countless beautiful thoughts hitting me right up to my skull.

And soon, I shall be exposed to the gold hidden behind those brightly coloured eyes of yours that has always reflected the words. I LOVE YOU

It was a language of love. In its other side of pain was perfect beauty. We didn’t understand it, so we try to comprehend the flaws buried beneath our feet embedded in our claws. We walked the extra mile to be with each other.

How can young fellows promise each other forever and always when Forever doesn’t happen Always?

But through the years, amidst our imperfections we came through; with these scars that only reminds us of the rough edges that became stepping stones. OUR DREAMS HAVE BECOME TRUE

Always and Forever.

Written and Composed by FleekDude

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