love is a woman

The first one to stop was Adanne. She told Mother she didn’t agree with so many of the things taught, she told Mother she wanted to find a place with her own type of belief, a place that was in sync with her own version of religion.

Mother was shocked, her eyes bulging out like the frogs we used for our biology practical and at that instant it seemed as though she had stopped breathing, she stood quiet for what seemed like a whole hour after Adanne was done.

The first slap sounded like a ”knock out “, it was so fast I barely saw it but I saw the next one and the next and the one after that until I looked away

“Go and get dressed for church” Mother said quietly after she was done and left our room.

Adanne didn’t cry, she didn’t shed a tear and also she didn’t get dressed, she simply took her purse and left the house, returning in the evening when Father had returned for his journey.

That evening was the loudest evening in our home with Mom shouting and cursing, Assuring Adanne how terrible her life was going to be for leaving the church and how death was sure to dog her footsteps till it caught up with her.

Ten years later Adanne was still alive, ten years later she had a big plaza at the heart of the city, but back then I started crying, fearing for the life of Adanne, begging mother in between sobs to take back her curse…she didn’t

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Father said some few words but they were all shushed under Mother’s Loud cursing, so I couldn’t really tell if he was in support of Adanne or not

But that was the day everything changed, that was the day Mother and daughter became enemies.

Till date, mother doesn’t talk to Adanne because she left our church.

Written and Composed by Suga


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