Church criticism

love is a woman

Mr Balogun is member of the “white garment churches” as we usually refer to them..people fear him..others stigmatize him as though he was infected by a deadly disease.. I mean people look at him strange for walking barefoot on Sundays.

Mrs chisom is a diehard member of the Catholic church.she is indeed committed,,she recites her rosary,never misses her evening meetings at church..she is so committed that once I heard her say,,” she doesn’t believe in any other church besides the Catholic church and that she would die being a “Catholic”(keep in mind the word Catholic, not Christian).

Mr Tyohemba is a member of the NKST,, matter of fact he is an elder in the church.. doesn’t tolerate any insolent,immoral behavior,, never misses his communion.. Always quick to put people in order,he is the mkoom or nkoom( not sure if I got that spelling right) master,,I mean church discipline master.. He sometimes also tends to see other churches as less spiritual and moral as compared to his .

Apostle Zach(pardon my use of this name) and sister Grace, are tongue speaking,, fire breathing members of the Pentecostal church,,they believe if you don’t speak in tongues you are not spiritual,,they’d rather not go to church if it ain’t Pentecostal.

Hmmmm,,,now I begin to ponder,,where did all of this come from? Cause I believe Christ didn’t segregate the church..often times you hear other men of God putting down others simply because of their church,,its so bad that some even refuse to marry from other churches. We talk badly of men of God simply because we feel their way of worship or service to God ain’t right,, but the scripture says” touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm” it didn’t say my catholic priest, nor my pastor from this church or that church,,,his anointed could be anyone,,and often times we slander them.

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It’s amazing that someday when we get to heaven we may see the most unlikely people there. Christianity is not not church based,neither is ones spirituality measured on their church,,its based on the depth of the word of God settled in you,and how open you are to receive of God, work with Him,and how much you are given to the word of God..All I can say is we should stop this church criticism,,and worship God in spirit and in truth,,worship Him how we know best,my way may not be yours,,vice versa,, King David praised God and fell naked yet was not ashamed ,,his wife mocked at him and remained barren,.

let’s honour God in our diverse ways keeping in mind that we work in line with His Word..let’s stop judging others based on the churches they attend,,, and if a brother or sister is ignorant of a truth or is in the wrong,,you don’t put them down, based on the churches they attend you show them the light,, and wait for them to walk and work with the light..

Written And Composed by BlackRose


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