Stay Alive

Lyn: A Valentine Special

I love the sweatshirt you wore the first day we met, I love the fact that you care...
The Four Of Us : part 6

Bail : A Boffins Valentine Special

How handsome is he, He whom i breakout to embrace, So refreshing is the breath i feel from his words, ...
love is a woman

The Healing Process

I battled with the thought of losing you,and lost myself in the process,i had friends supporting and guiding me,because i could...

Significant Meet-Ups

Sunday was a really significant day to this story. Or was it Saturday? I guess it...

Love Left Me

 “love left me ” he cursed . Barefoot on his knees he crawled. Vying the floor,Wondering how  this...
love is a woman

Set Up For Fuck Up

Girl With Drinks: “Just take one.” Me: “No, I’m okay. Thanks.” Guy Close By: “Carry na....
A World's Folly


Never was it heard or known that worrying solved a problem,it only stops you from thinking of possible ways to get the...
love is a woman

The torns a rose also gives

When you love genuinely it is always hard to let go….you can keep pretending to the whole world that you're fine,...

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The Four Of us : Part 6

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