Love In General
Love In General

Love In General

Let's talk about love in general. How do you take it when someone doesn't feel the same way you feel for...
Stay Alive


"I think I'm fearful of things like traveling I'm fearful of failure I'm fearful of being embarrassed Things like that I...
love is a woman

At your game.

She weaved her dreams on phrases that were promising but empty,craved for a leaf of love and romance although she was...
Stay Alive


When the oranges on my hills get dried, Will you still love me? When my curves goes blunt, Will you...
love is a woman


She stood in silence unable to control her tears, Her weakness already feeding from her fears. Pain is the demon...
love is a woman


The brightest of light they say comes from within Her smile is a warmth, e go make u feel like pikin
love is a woman

Home: A Poet’s Edition

A dream,is it? hmm,, I don't know. Is it what I think of while asleep.Hmmm,, I don't...
The Four Of Us : part 6

Love: A Spoken Word Edition

In order to hear Love’s words, you must allow Love to approach.However, when it does draw near, we fear what it...

A Time In Life

Time:in a second,minute, years,moment,people fall in or out of love In a second, life is birth,you hear...
The Rose

The Rose

It took me a year to actually let go, To really forgive,i felt mistreated and used, I felt unwelcomed and dumb,it...

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The Four Of us : Part 6

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