One:You want to help. You want to smear the cracks and blisters in the world with liquid gold and make the darkness offload...
Making Mistakes

Making Mistakes

In our age and time mistakes are frowned upon. You fail a question in your test and your whole family criticizes you; ...
Love Conquers All : A Review Tale

Love Conquers All : A Review Tale

Here's a lesson I want you to learn from CONOR'S and DEE'S beautiful love story. Conor was a fighter....
love is a woman

The Massacre

Another deathAnother life goneBecause of a gunAn AK47 gleamingBodies lay lifelessThe bellies of vultures are full,They are tired of eating dead bodies
Episodes In My Head

The Strength of a Woman

No woman loves to cheat or disrespect her core values quick but I get that life's cheated on you once or maybe...
love is a woman

Life Amusing : 1 To 101 Breath

Welcome to tonight's program We have a fabulous show for you. I'm sure...
love is a woman

Release Ego And Allow Your Truth

Ego will sail you to the highest height Or crash you down to a horrible plight, Like fire, its power...
The Four Of Us : part 6

Complex Ugly

You think you're ugly, You're far from it, You feel you're ugly, You're not near to it, Celebrities and entertainers feel this...
A World's Folly

Beauty of the mind

In your thoughts you create the best version of yourself(job,love life,family),the best version of one's self is in your mind,many people lack...
The Love letter

The lost letter

The church politicking with the government for campaign views/But cant we take up a fast and pray/ I haven't...

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Episodes In My Head

The Four Of us : Part 6

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