love is a woman

She stood in silence unable to control her tears, Her weakness already feeding from her fears. Pain is the demon she needs to overcome, Pale and wrecked is what she has becomed. Sick and tired she laid in wait, Day and night from morning to eight; Maybe he will return home, she wished But he’s never coming back, it’s already too late.

Hungry and frail she learnt to pray, Hoping he might return home just one more day, And so mere nights turned to nightmares The nights became terrifying, she wished he was here.

She watched her bridges burn before her eyes, He promised her forever, but it was all a lie. Everyday is the same, she’s loosing her sanity. All she laboured is nothing, without him it’s vanity. Her friends and family told her to live, Soon she stopped dieing and started to live.

The pain of moving on, she learnt to relief, Weeping doesn’t bring back the dead, she’s got her life to live.

Written and Composed by FleekDude

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