Bail : A Boffins Valentine Special

The Four Of Us : part 7

How handsome is he, He whom i breakout to embrace, So refreshing is the breath i feel from his words, a Sweet kind of peace does his arms provide, I can’t help it, I get lost in my thoughts of love, He isn’t a doctor but i need him cause am lovesick.

A veil of loneliness covered my head, his love unveiled my shame, let the world hear the sounds of my heartbeat, a sweet heart has seen love, drown with me in this feeling we call love, Your love has blessed my soul with smiles. Have the world seen the one I love, Until the day breaks and the shadows flee, I feel his hands round me as the wind passes. This kind of love that sustains the soul.

I will commit a million crimes in love, give my hands to the cuff with no regrets, Walk my way through the gates of death, dance to the sounds of those that cry, I will smile from my heart for your love shall bail me, Bail me from the pain that comes along with love.

I ask for nothing, I have one thing that has given me everything, Can you be my everything,this was your proposal to me, Label my name on four heart ,this was my request, Will you be my Valentine?, everyday is Valentine day with you, Let our love breakout bailing those in fear of love.

Written and Composed by Boffins



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