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The Infinite Nothing Out Of Which Everything Flows.
The Silent Treatment : 7 Causes, 7 Things to Do

The Silent Treatment : 7 Causes, 7 Things to Do

Hey there. If you're reading this, you're a girl (or guy) in a being given the silent treatment or...
Better than balm

Something Between Us. 7

“Jesus, Maria what the fuck?!” I screeched, jerking up to a sitting position and crossing my legs to hide my erection.

Something Between Us. 6

Power was out when I woke up hours later. I just stared at the ceiling, fantasizing about fucking one...
The Four Of Us : part 7

Something Between Us. 5

People always say a lot of bad things happen for good. Though I agreed with them, I never experienced the perfection of...
Happy Valentine : An Xtremm Special

Something Between Us. 4

The other person Maria introduced me to was Sandra. And she was the only one so far who actually wanted to be...

Something Between Us. 3

Sunday was a really significant day to this story. Or was it Saturday? I guess it...
love is a woman

Something Between Us. 2

Girl With Drinks: “Just take one.” Me: “No, I’m okay. Thanks.” Guy Close By: “Carry na....

Something Between Us. 1

The story started as the University did. Well, second semester anyway. I could say I’d gotten a lot used...

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