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who am I???? I could say alot of beautiful things about myself but I leave it to you😁
Episodes In My Head

Mystery Girl : Part 1

Under the scorching sun,Trying to cram my life out before the exams.......My head goes up and i spot HER(Dark skin,smallish,very cute,long...
Stay Alive

Lyn: A Valentine Special

I love the sweatshirt you wore the first day we met, I love the fact that you care...
A World's Folly

Beauty of the mind

In your thoughts you create the best version of yourself(job,love life,family),the best version of one's self is in your mind,many people lack...
love is a woman

The Healing Process

I battled with the thought of losing you,and lost myself in the process,i had friends supporting and guiding me,because i could...
Love In General

Love In General

Let's talk about love in general. How do you take it when someone doesn't feel the same way you feel for...
Stay Alive


"I think I'm fearful of things like traveling I'm fearful of failure I'm fearful of being embarrassed Things like that I...
The Rose

The Rose

It took me a year to actually let go, To really forgive,i felt mistreated and used, I felt unwelcomed and dumb,it...
A World's Folly


Never was it heard or known that worrying solved a problem,it only stops you from thinking of possible ways to get the...
love is a woman

The torns a rose also gives

When you love genuinely it is always hard to let go….you can keep pretending to the whole world that you're fine,...

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Episodes In My Head

The Four Of us : Part 6

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