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We are made up of words, the day our words finishes, is the day we get finished.
Stay Alive


Stay alive, not for the pleasures and conveniences of those who surround you, but for your own hope and future.
The Four Of Us : part 6

My Pieces

These are my pieces, but not my whole.I am more than this flesh and blood.My skin does not portray who/what lies beneath.My...
In Light Outvies

In Light Outvies

Roll, on, O shining sun, To the far seas, Bring down, ye shades of eve, The soft, salt breeze! Shine out, O stars, and light My darling's...
Confessed Dim Candlelight

Confessed Dim Candlelight

The words we softly whispered in a language of our ownas we silently ruled our kingdomfrom our pillow thrones I'm...
love is a woman

Life Amusing : 1 To 101 Breath

Welcome to tonight's program We have a fabulous show for you. I'm sure...
Episodes In My Head

Pondering Existence

Thoughts spiral in circles, pondering existence Worrying about what happens, or ignoring fate after darkness... Is life a...
love is a woman

Release Ego And Allow Your Truth

Ego will sail you to the highest height Or crash you down to a horrible plight, Like fire, its power...
The Four Of Us : part 6

Complex Ugly

You think you're ugly, You're far from it, You feel you're ugly, You're not near to it, Celebrities and entertainers feel this...
A World's Folly

Last Breath Fight

If blood is showering out of your veins, If the lesions & wounds are giving you pain And even If circumstances are...
The Four Of Us : part 6


What can I do when the silence sets in So deafening I can hear my heart beat It's more frightening than it...

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Episodes In My Head

The Four Of us : Part 6

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