All is flattery

Let Comfort Dwell With Those Who Truly Seek: A Samuel Jr Special

Shall thou not weep after being cursed,
My neck gets scratched and my breast nurses it, the soul within me desires a flesh to cover its shame

I detest him,his words of mockery made me blush.

Laughed at me as thou we laughed together,
dancing to the tunes of his empty words ,blinded was I

Stealing a glance at him ,I became blind
he banged into the doors of my heart with a cheating foot.

Whom shall I ran to,
who will listen to my tale of a warm lover, a warm lover ,a warmer cheat indeed, bless my lips with words.

Amidst the crowd,I was enveloped with fear, suffering to find myself out of the mirror,
I weep from the same eyes I wish he could make sparkle,

Tell me where I went wrong.

Shouldn’t I live to write a script,
deceive me no more,I will break out
I will trace the words you hide beneath this flattery,

Love has always been alive maybe I defined it wrongly.

Written and Composed by Boffins

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