About Page

Litwish is a writing platform created by Isaac Odaudu for the sole purpose of bringing the littiest and most underground writers,authors,poets,storytellers and ofcourse all the freethinkers out there together as long as its lit and originally written and composed by the author.

Here at Litwish we go through a rigorous process to pick new authors and publishers so as to ascertain the originality of the writeups being submitted because we take original content and “plagiarism free“very seriously and we can therefore say with all finality that all content on litwish cannot be found anywhere else on the web except on the individual authors social media pages.

The goal of litwish is to bring lit writers from all around the world a platform to showcase their writing skills and also improving them both literally and figuratively.

Also at litwish we strive to affect human lives in a positive way so that if anybody going through trials and afflictions can have an outlet to grieve,laugh,cry and get inspired to write with like minded people going through the same situation one way or the other. Day by day we’re getting there.

You can connect with me the admin for more info here and also if you know any lit writers around to submit their writeups

Thank You and Stay Blessed